Plant-Oil-Based Skincare Technology Business Available for License or Purchase


 AUCKLAND, New Zealand, July 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Invented and developed by the CEO of FutecNZ Limited in New Zealand, (trading under the ONE24 brand) trialled and tested by accredited scientific laboratories, a vast team of individual Doctors, Specialists, Scientists and clinicians in New Zealand and North America, and the public at large.

Designed specifically for the Cosmetics, Cosmeceutical, Drugs and Veterinary markets, OTC and Rx

All our products are plant-oil-based and 100% water-free.

The flagship of our OTC cosmetic skincare products is our sunscreen which has been scientifically proven to be an SPF of 50+, and still shows 97.8% active after eight hours including six hours water immersion in a spa pool.

It has both excellent barrier and skin conditioning qualities.  

The sunscreen does not erode off the skin nor does it sting or irritate the eyes, being totally suitable for all level of athletes including marathon runners, triathletes, endurance sailors and swimmers plus other high-performance sports.

This state-of-the-art technology is proven to be highly effective on all skin types both young, old and all ethnicities.

Our products are proven to be very effective for many skin conditions including very severe burns, broken and abraded skin, severe infections of both bacterial, fungal and yeast. 

Because of its occlusive effect, patients experience an instant and effective relief of pain and discomfort from burnt and exposed flesh and damaged nerve endings.  It will also simultaneously sterilise the local skin site and promote a rapid healing process including diabetic wound healing.

It is very efficient as a drug actives delivery vehicle.

For personal health reasons, the inventor believes it is time to "pass on the batten" to a progressive multinational company who is keen to be at the forefront of introducing new and efficient skincare products to the afore mentioned market areas.

This unique skincare technology comprises two key areas, which are:

  1. The formulations and
  2. The manufacture know-how

This updated technology can be manufactured by any reputable contract manufacturer.

The inventor is available to work alongside the company R&D and scientific teams to educate the licensee or purchaser regarding all aspects of this new skincare technology.

Product samples and professional testimonials are available upon request.

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Source: Plant-Oil-Based Skincare Technology Business Available for License or Purchase