Promoting the Internationalization of Jiangsu Tourism, the Offline Activity Jiangsu "Lucky Dog" Ended Successfully

NANJING, China, Nov. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — With canal culture as the core, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism planned the creative marketing competition Jiangsu "Lucky Dog" recently. After rigorous analysis and path optimization, four cities, "The River (The Yangtze River, Nanjing), The Streams (Zhouzhuang Ancient Town, Kunshan), The Lake (Jinshan Lake, Zhenjiang), and The Sea (Lianyungang)", representing Jiangsu culture were selected for three overseas KOL tours.

Visit the Canal Town, Encounter the picturesque Zhouzhuang

The first stop was scheduled to be in Zhouzhuang. On the morning of October 27th, the KOLs and the staff gathered at Zhouzhuang Museum to watch exhibits; then they experienced the sculling boat and listen to the local boat-ballads in Shuangqiao; the KOLs also experienced projects of intangible cultural heritage, including Chinese opera, bamboo weaving production, homespun production and other handicraft projects.

The Ten-mile Qinhuai River Owns Good Scenery, the Capital of Six Dynasties Memorizes Glory

The second stop was set in Nanjing, which is known as "the exquisite site in south of the Yangtze River". On October 28th, the KOLs visited the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge considered as the milestone in the history of China’s bridge construction. After that, they participated in the brocade production with extraordinary interest. The KOLs were indeed lucky to be chosen to do improvisation with artists when they watched the performance of Baiju in Confucius Temple, feeling the charm of intangible cultural heritage.

Enjoy the Scenery with Stories, Go to a Feast of Legend

On October 29th, the group arrived in Zhenjiang to visit the Vinegar Culture Museum and take a walk along the millennium road in Xijin Ferry. Vinegar-flavor ice-cream and Zhenjiang pot cover noodles making them full of praise.

Mountain and Sea Extend to Sky, Natural Wonders Are Marvelous

On October 30th, the KOLs arrived at the last stop, Lianyungang. They first went to the East China Sea to experience the inlaying of crystals, then observed the cliff inscriptions which have still retained the natural outline through more than 1900 years at close quarters. Medicated diets, YunTai Mountains and other scenic spots also made the KOLs lost in astonishment.

So far, the four-day activity, Jiangsu "Lucky Dog" ended successfully. It opened a window for foreign tourists to understand Jiangsu, showed splendid water culture and natural landscapes to the world, and spread tourism products of intangible cultural heritage to all parts of the world through international friends’ firsthand experience.


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Source: Promoting the Internationalization of Jiangsu Tourism, the Offline Activity Jiangsu "Lucky Dog" Ended Successfully