Pudong wants expats to settle in. Here's what it offers

BEIJING, Jan. 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — A news report from english.shanghai.gov.cn:

Pudong New Area is a hub for foreign community in Shanghai.

On Jan 13 it hosted an event aimed at enhancing their integration into the local lifestyle.

During the event, a group of foreign executives and experts received upgraded versions of their Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card, known as the Five-Star Card, which will greatly facilitate their daily lives in China, from transportation to consumption to financial matters.

In a significant move, Pudong introduced its first-ever service package tailored for expats. This comprehensive service package covers six fields.

Immigration Counseling

Key words: long-term and permanent residency policies, information services

Pudong New Area will provide consultation on long-term residency and permanent residency policies, as well as practical, convenient, and thoughtful information services and guidelines on various aspects of daily life and travel.

Social Integration

Key words: integration activities, volunteer services

It will carry out integration activities such as promoting urban life and volunteer services, and guide orderly integration into Chinese society.

Residence and Travel

Key words: entry-exit documents, policy consultation, single-window service

It will expand the scope of identity verification for foreigners’ entry-exit documents, provide convenient services for policy consultation, acceptance of entry-exit, residence, entrepreneurship, and employment through a "single window".

Legal Aid

Key words: legal service station, legal aid, legal consultation

It will provide and promote immigration and entry-exit laws and regulations, as well as legal consultation, legal aid, and other services pioneered by the Jinqiao Biyun Community Foreign-related Legal Service Station.

Family Life

Key words: domestic services, maternity care, infant care, housekeeping

It will offer professional domestic services to meet the expats’ needs of family life after settling in Pudong, such as foreign-related maternity and infant care, elderly care-giving, and housekeeping.

Language and Culture

Key words: Chinese language training, cultural exhibitions and lectures

It will provide information on Chinese language training and assessment services. It will also hold exhibitions, lectures, and other activities to enrich foreigners’ cultural experiences.

For more information, please download the Pudong International Service Package.

Source: Pudong wants expats to settle in. Here's what it offers