Staged for four consecutive nights from 19-22 April 2023, "The Dialogue Between the Land, the Sea and its People" transported guests on a multi-sensory journey into the island’s cultural and culinary heritage

PHU QUOC, Vietnam, May 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Regent Phu Quoc, IHG Hotels & Resorts’ sparkling jewel on Vietnam’s "Pearl Island," has successfully staged its inaugural Regent Taste Studio, a one-of-a-kind, interactive dining experience that brought together leading local talent from the worlds of art, design, fashion and gastronomy in a four-day creative showcase.

The Regent Taste Studio showcased the natural and cultural wonders of Phu Quoc, Vietnam’s “Pearl Island”
The Regent Taste Studio showcased the natural and cultural wonders of Phu Quoc, Vietnam’s “Pearl Island”

This exclusive multi-sensory dining journey ran from 19th to 22nd April 2023 – to coincide with the resort’s first anniversary – and immersed guests in the essence of its exotic destination. Titled "The Dialogue Between the Land, the Sea and its People," this unique culinary occasion took the form of a theatrical play divided into seven acts, each of which paid homage to Phu Quoc’s cultural heritage. For this special collaboration, Ms. Devon Nguyen, fashion designer and abstract artist, created the "Capsule Collection" of one-of-a-kind gowns, inspired by the Regent Taste Studio, and Phu Quoc’s natural wonders.

Act 1 of the evening, "Symbiosis," was staged at The Gallery and featured a reimagined Artist’s Studio with a live demonstration of pearls from Ngoc Hien Pearl Farm and a jewelry-making workshop. This opening act set the stage for the rest of the evening, which drew inspiration from the connections between the land and sea and how these two worlds are interpreted through art and gastronomy. The first gown from Devon Nguyen’s collection was also presented in the re-imagined Gallery.

Just as a theatrical production moves between scenes, Acts 2 to 6 were staged at Oku, the resort’s signature restaurant, which was reimagined especially for this one-of-a-kind occasion. Each act saw Regent Phu Quoc’s culinary masters, Devon Nguyen’s "Capsule Collection" and music from the Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory of Music, unite to present various interpretations of Phu Quoc’s seasons, the island’s natural beauty and marine world.

Act 2, titled "The Shape of the Sea," saw Daniel Huynh, Chef de Cuisine at Ocean Club, present an exquisite dish of Phu Quoc Clams, while Act 3, "Full Bloom," paid homage to the bountiful gifts of Mother Nature with an original, artistic plate of Salted Egg Mantis Shrimp, crafted by Huan Tran, Chef de Cuisine at Rice Market.

Act 2: “The Shape of the Sea”
Act 2: “The Shape of the Sea”

Diners were also treated to the first two parts in Devon’s "Capsule Collection": a floor-length gown with a mermaid silhouette, and a strapless gown with intricate lace detailing.

Act 3: Huan Tran, Chef de Cuisine at Rice Market and Fashion Designer Devon Nguyen
Act 3: Huan Tran, Chef de Cuisine at Rice Market and Fashion Designer Devon Nguyen

Act 4, "Essence of Life," allowed The Anh, Executive Sous Chef, to demonstrate the Phu Quoc Forest, a creative composition of yellow ant’s eggs, kaffir lime, edible flowers and rose myrtles.

Act 5, "Spectrum of Contrasts," saw Chef Andy Huynh present Japanese Wagyu Beef Two Ways, which highlighted Phu Quoc’s unexpected beauty, unique textures and tastes, creating a true spectrum of contrasts.

The culinary symphony came to a crescendo with Act 6, "The World of Art: Limitless," as Duyen Nguyen, Regent Phu Quoc’s Executive Pastry Chef, created an original dessert of Peppered Strawberries, which used local ingredients to merge the worlds of art, fashion and cuisine.

Throughout these acts, Devon’s "Capsule Collection" continued as models revealed a forest-inspired gown with organic woven patterns in Act 4, a vivid contrasting red and white dress in Act 5, and finally, a dramatic, full volume ballgown in Act 6.

Devon Nguyen Collection Inspirations In Her Own Words
The connection between fashion and gastronomy is multifaceted and complex. Both industries are concerned with aesthetics, creativity and the senses. With a focus on innovative and complex flavor combinations of Regent’s Taste Studio Menu, I created a unique and sophisticated Capsule Collection. Luxurious and indulgent evening gowns using intricate embellishment, fabrics, focus on quality, sophistication and originality by taking inspiration from flavors, textures and colors of the Taste Studio gourmet dishes. Fashion has long been used as a means of self-expression and social commentary, while food has the power to bring people together and foster cultural exchange. Together with Regent Phu Quoc Chefs, we strive to create experiences that delight and inspire audiences, whether through visually stunning clothing or beautifully plated dishes.

The Regent Taste Studio’s final act, "Ocean Calling," saw Devon present an original abstract artwork, inspired by the infinite depths of the ocean, the land, the people and the symbolic flower of Phu Quoc, rose myrtle. This surprising scene was staged in a secret venue that provided an exhilarating culmination to an unforgettable evening.

"We are honored to celebrate a year of unique hospitality since we opened the doors of Regent Phu Quoc in April 2022. To mark this milestone, we are revealing a series of signature hallmarks throughout the year – starting with the debut of the Regent Taste Studio. In collaboration with local artisans, musicians, and tastemakers in fashion, our Executive Chef Bruno Anon showcased a multi-sensory epicurean evening for our most discerning guests," shared Sriram Kailasam, Regent Phu Quoc General Manager.

Following the official on-property debut of the Regent Taste Studio in Vietnam, this original concept will traverse the globe with pop-up activations across Australia, Singapore, France, the UK and USA.

Meet Devon Nguyen, Fashion Designer and Artist
A graduate of University of The Arts London, Devon Nguyen spent many years living in Europe, her multicultural heritage developed a love for fashion design and fine arts. With over 10 years in the fashion industry, Devon has a portfolio of many achievements under her belt. Not only known for fashion shows in LondonParisVietnam, Devon is also a Creative Director for many domestic and foreign brands. As the art world becomes more and more enamored with contemporary culture, Devon reinvented herself as a modern abstract painter. She does not hesitate to combine various drawing techniques from oil paint, acrylic, sculpture, to create diverse works which inspire her and others.

Meet Mr. Ho Phi Thuy of the Ngoc Hien Pearl Farm
The founder of Ngoc Hien Pearl Farm – Mr. Ho Phi Thuy was born and raised in a modest family in Thach Ha District, Ha Tinh Province. As an adventurous 19 years old, he decided to leave the comfort of his home and travelled to Phu Quoc Island to pursue his dream. When he arrived at this new land, he had no acquaintances and no money but was fascinated by the world of pearls and quickly qualified to be a skilled Pearl diver. Through perseverance and passion, he accumulated enough money to buy a boat which was highly coveted for a man so young. Unfortunately, in 1997 typhoon Linda swept through Phu Quoc and Mr. Thuy’s boat was badly damaged. Recalling the hardships, he always believed that there was a spiritual relationship between him and the boat. He nearly gave up on his dream of setting up a Pearl farm but, as in life, a fortuitous turn led him to a Japanese company specializing in culturing pearls who not only hired him as their local specialist but also bought his repaired boat. Blending Vietnamese hard work with Japanese precision, it was a very productive period that taught him great lessons that would come in handy when he eventually created Ngoc Hien Pearl Farm. At Ngoc Hien Pearl Farm, visitors can catch a glimpse of the boat that sheltered Mr. Ho Phi Thuy during his time on Phu Quoc island, a significant piece of history to behold.

Meet the musicians from Ho Chi Minh Conservatory of Music
Cellist Hoang Nam, graduated with a master’s degree, majoring in performing western musical instruments, and is currently a lecturer at the Ho Chi Min Conservatory of Music Academy. Violinists Hoai Bao holds a Bachelor of Music majoring in Violin from the Ho Chi Minh Conservatory of Music Academy. Violinist Minh Thao graduated with honors majoring in violin and is currently studying for a master’s degree at the City Conservatory of Music, Ho Chi Minh City.

About Regent Phu Quoc
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