Restaurants from Spain conclude successful Campaign, celebrating authentic Spanish cuisine in Singapore

SINGAPORE, Dec. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — After a six-month-long celebration of authentic Spanish cuisine and culture, the Restaurants from Spain campaign, certified by ICEX Spain Trade & Investment, concludes with great success in Singapore. This initiative, aimed at promoting and recognizing restaurants dedicated to delivering exceptional Spanish gastronomic experiences, has captivated the palates of Singaporean food enthusiasts.

To date sixteen restaurants have been awarded the Restaurants from Spain certificate, guaranteeing the highest level of quality and authenticity. These restaurants, carefully selected for their commitment to showcasing the rich flavors and traditions of Spanish cuisine, have delighted diners with their exceptional offerings throughout the campaign.

Media Campaign with selected media outlets and influencers

The campaign has reached out to several key media outlets in Singapore during the past six months to engage their audiences and promote the activities within the Restaurants from Spain communication campaign.

We have collaborated with renowned magazines like Epicure, JegGala, Solitare, ExpatLiving and Spirited, to publish sponsored articles promoting our initiatives.

Furthermore, we have collaborated with a selected group of influencers and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). These include Lady Iron Chef, Rachel Chua, An Affair with Food, Alexis Cheung, Brian Kennett, JohorKaki, Joe Yang, and Sihan Lee, among others.

In addition, Spanish Trade Commissioner, Mr. Antonio Garcia Rebollar, was interviewed on OneFM193, where he shared insights about the campaign, and moreover, Kiss 92 FM ran a program dedicated to the Restaurants from Spain campaign.

Eat Spain Drink Spain – 15th October – 15th November

The Restaurants from Spain participated in the Eat Spain Drink Spain 2023 (ESDS) month of activities designed to introduce Spanish products from importers and encourage visits to the Restaurants. ICEX Spain Trade & Investment organized exclusive tastings and paired dinners catered specifically to professionals in the food and beverage industry. These events provided a unique opportunity for participants to explore and savor the rich flavors of Spanish cuisine while discovering perfect wine pairings.

Gaig Restaurant Singapore, renowned for its dedication to preserving Catalan culture and culinary tradition, prepared a special 5-course menu featuring the oldest known recipes from Catalan cuisine, as documented in the historic "Sent Soví" cookbook, the oldest surviving culinary text in Catalan.

The renowned restaurants Bolonia and Lumbre organized also special dinners in collaboration with Pares Balta, a family winery with a rich winemaking tradition dating back to 1790. Lumbre is a Spanish restaurant known for sourcing the finest ingredients from land and sea, offered a unique culinary journey with a farm-to-table concept. Diners had the opportunity to indulge in a special dinner and wine pairing experience with Ecolah and Pares Balta, where the flavors of the dishes were complemented by the exquisite wines from Pares Balta’s collection. Bolonia is an all-day dining concept inspired by the coastal region in the south of Spain. Located in the heart of Singapore’s bustling financial district, Bolonia brings vibrant flavours and relaxed ambiance reminiscent of the Bolonia beach area to Singapore.

In addition to these special dinners, the Restaurants from Spain campaign featured a variety of other engaging activities. Una by Diego Grimberg delighted diners with their Monthly Menu, Next Door Spanish Café, in collaboration with Ecolah, offered a delectable Set Lunch menu that highlighted the essence of Spanish cuisine. For wine enthusiasts, The Cricket Club hosted a Spanish Wine Masterclass, providing an educational and immersive experience with Pacific Beverages which featured Estrella de Galicia beer, La Cosecha that brought Spanish wines from Comenge family, and Codorniu which introduced some of their best cavas. Tapas 24 and Tapas Club celebrated the campaign with their respective themed months. Tapas 24 introduced "Spanish Month," during which they offered an array of traditional Spanish tapas and dishes, and the other hand, Tapas Club presented "Cheese Spanish Month," featuring a selection of Spanish cheeses that perfectly complemented their tapas offerings. Also, Pura Brasa and Olivia featured special dishes during the campaign period using some of Ecolah’s supplies such as preserved food, canned fish, and seafood products. Olivia, for instance prepared special dishes like clams in spicy green sauce with artichokes and iberico ham, or ensaladilla rusa (Russian salad) or scampi rice Spanish style.

At the same time, Vinotecas (wine shops) and gourmet stores hosted special promotions and offers on Spanish food and wines. This initiative created an enticing shopping experience, allowing consumers to explore the wide variety of Spanish products available in the Singaporean market.

Beef and Lamb Night at Una by PROVACUNO

In light of the recent approval by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) and the implementation of a new procedure for the export of Spanish beef to Singapore, a special event was held in Singapore in collaboration with PROVACUNO, the Interprofessional Organization for Spanish Beef.

The event took place on November 14th at the UNA restaurant, Alkaff Mansion, and welcomed six participating companies in an exclusive gathering attended by key importers and restaurants in the city. Housed at Level 2 of The Alkaff Mansion, UNA pays homage to the age-old heritage of Spanish gastronomy with an innovative and contemporary menu that marries authentic signature delicacies from different regions in Spain. Extracting wholesome and robust flavors through modern cooking techniques, experience the best of Spain through sumptuous tapas, paellas, parrilla grills and more.

The main objective of the event was to foster networking among the invited industry professionals, comprising approximately 60 guests, who had the pleasure of enjoying beef provided by PROVACUNO and expertly prepared by renowned Michelin-starred chef, Kisko García. Kisko García represents one of the foremost exponents of Andalusian haute cuisine, a group of avant-garde chefs who continuously infuse their ancient local recipes with imagination. His style, characterized by a strong personality and thoughtful approach, draws inspiration from local ingredients and culinary traditions of Córdoba and the region as a whole. Through extensive training, he pushes boundaries in terms of technique and sensory experiences, creating innovative compositions with remarkable textures and finishes.

Dedicated Website & Direct Online Booking for a Spanish Christmas Celebration

To enhance accessibility and convenience for customers, the campaign introduced a direct booking dedicated webpage featuring all 16 participating Restaurants from Spain. This centralized hub provided direct booking services to each restaurant, and detailed information about each restaurant, including their specialties and unique offerings, allowing food enthusiasts to explore and book their preferred Spanish dining experiences seamlessly.

Singapore’s 16 "Restaurants from Spain":

  • Asador
  • Binomio
  • Esquina
  • FOC Restaurant
  • FOC Sentosa
  • Gaig
  • Kulto
  • Lumbre
  • Next Door Spanish Café
  • Olivia Restaurant & Lounge
  • Pura Brasa
  • Tapas,24
  • Tapas Club Jewel
  • Tapas Club Orchard Central
  • Tapas Club Vivo City
  • UNA at The Alkaff Mansion

Source: Restaurants from Spain conclude successful Campaign, celebrating authentic Spanish cuisine in Singapore