Santé Laboratories and Bioarc announce strategic partnership to accelerate product development in Australia

World-class science companies combining resources and expertise to commercialize therapeutic cannabinoid pharmaceutical products to global market

AUSTIN, Texas, May 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In a move destined to shape the global growth and evolution of the medicinal cannabinoid industry, medicinal cannabis horticultural company Bioarc Ltd. is joining forces with specialty drug development and manufacturing company Santé Laboratories to develop a portfolio of highly bioavailable whole plant therapeutic products.

Clinicians are increasingly aware of the therapeutic potential of CBD and THC. While there are several cited sources to suggest over 110 known potentially active therapeutic compounds in cannabis, the pharmaceutical industry has been hindered by its inability to gain access to a wide range of medicinal cannabis genetics to extract and research the therapeutic potential for commercialization.

That scenario changes with this agreement, which combines the best and most innovative research, development and drug delivery technology with the best starting materials to drive new markets.

Best seeds + best technology = efficacious IP-protected cannabinoid formulations Bioarc has the world’s most important legal collections of heritage medicinal cannabis seeds, with more than 1,000 accessions. The collection, established by David Watson and HortaPharm in the 1980s under license, contains a wide range of unique and agronomically valuable medicinal Cannabis varieties.

Santé Laboratories, focused on building scalable and robust drug delivery and analytical solutions, will work with Bioarc to bring relevant know-how in cannabinoid sciences and drug development expertise infrastructure to the industry with its world-class, efficacious technology in drug development, pharmaceutical sciences and analytical chemistry. Santé Laboratories’ achievements include the development of a lipid-based nanoparticle technology, Powered by Santé, to address solubility and bioavailability challenges associated with drugs like cannabinoids, rendering them more room-temperature stable and functional.

This partnership aspires to develop a portfolio of cannabinoid formulations and evaluate safety and efficacy in a variety of preclinical models to support rapid entry into investigational first-in-man clinical studies.

"It is exciting to partner with Bioarc, a leading global medicinal cannabis supplier to further define and optimize the therapeutic benefits of this plant," comments Santé Laboratories Chairman & Co-Founder Andrew Garnock. "Santé Laboratories is committed to addressing formulation challenges that the entire industry has struggled to overcome, using our proprietary drug delivery technology. We are aligned with the remarkable potential of cannabinoid therapeutics and equipped with solutions to move the industry forward. We are a drug delivery technology company, with the ultimate delivery system, and ready to partner, with strategics, to get products on the shelf."

Bioarc Founder and Executive Chairman Michael Boyd adds, "We look forward to working with Santé Laboratories. Bioarc has the breeding technology to develop unique and very specific cultivars with consistent and identifiable traits – giving us precise pharmaceutical and agronomic profiles.

"Our approach to our own branded product will be singular in its understanding of whole plant therapeutics. And will also focus on the best possible environments and cultivation processes in actually growing those plants.

Santé Laboratories has the fit-for-purpose formulation technology to enable us to develop and test unique IP-protected cultivars. This agreement brings our industry to the cusp of tremendous growth."

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About Santé Laboratories 
Santé Laboratories is a specialty drug development and manufacturing organization focused on innovating pharmaceutical and mainstream nutraceutical products using their proprietary advanced drug delivery solution from formulation to commercialization. Powered by Santé® utilizes lipid encapsulation to get ingredients to the small intestine for proven optimal absorption with long-term room temperature stability. Supporting Santé’s custom product development and manufacturing services is their cGMP facility and ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited testing lab which provides exceptional science and regulatory expertise to their product development customers.

About Bioarc 
Bioarc is a medicinal cannabis company focused on cultivar development for improved agronomics and therapeutic qualities. It brings together a team with global ambitions, rich with expertise in Plant Breeding, Horticulture, Pharmacy, Healthcare, Production, Distribution and Education. Bioarc’s objective is to bring the best possible outcomes from sowing seed to providing for patients.

Biography: Andrew Garnock, Santé Laboratories Chairman & Co-Founder With more than twenty years of experience in the financial industry, Andrew Garnock is a Founding Partner and Chairman at Disruption Labs. He co-founded a private hedge fund which managed a derivative trading portfolio of over $500 million.

Over the past few years, Andrew has been at the forefront of the cannabinoid industry, and through his work over many years and with multiple projects Andrew adds a tremendous amount of knowledge and private investment experience within this space. Andrew’s investment resume boasts a broad array of companies from technology, consumer discretionary, health and medicine, real estate, mining and more.

Biography: Michael Boyd, Bioarc Founder & Executive Chairman 
Michael Boyd is the Chairman of Bioarc and has been involved since its inception. He has led the corporate structuring of the company and the development of its strategic vision. He has been involved in the creation of new enterprises, both in the private and public sectors, for over 25 years.

Originally trained as a chartered accountant, he was a founding Director and Chairman of Sonic Healthcare Ltd, now an ASX-listed top 50 company. After leaving Sonic he started Foundation Healthcare, growing it to over 800 healthcare professionals before it was acquired by Sonic. Michael is also Chairman of Jayex Healthcare Ltd an ASX-listed health technology company with operations in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

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Source: Santé Laboratories and Bioarc announce strategic partnership to accelerate product development in Australia