Sanyou Super-Trillion Innovative Antibody Drug Discovery Platform Announced – World Premiere

SHANGHAI, June 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sanyou Biopharmaceuticals officially launched STAL (Super-Trillion Antibody Libraries) on June 3, 2022, which is a super-trillion innovative antibody drug discovery platform of Sanyou’s own intellectual property.

Developed by Sanyou after seven years of continuous innovation and independent R&D, STAL represents a significant breakthrough over the previous generation of the sub-trillion innovative antibody discovery platforms. The STAL discovery platform integrates nine categories of super-trillion innovative antibody libraries with the overall library capacity up to 10 trillion. The screening validations with dozens of targets showed that thousands of innovative lead antibodies can be discovered via the STAL platform, and the quantity is dozens or even hundreds of times that of canonical methods.

Hundreds of millions of patients worldwide are suffering from cancer, autoimmune diseases, allergic diseases and metabolic diseases every year. Drugs including monoclonal antibody, bispecific antibody, ADC, AOC, RAC, PDC and CAR-T therapy are the mainstream treatments for these diseases. More than 100 of biological drugs have been approved with total annual market revenue approaching $200 billion. Antibodies with high specificities are the common core components of these drugs and play an important role in precise targeting.

The STAL discovery platform integrates technologies of phage display and mammalian cell expression, and is supplemented with fully automated screening and integrated antibody drug R&D platforms. The STAL is effective for challenging innovative targets and development of highly difficult drug modalities. It can meet the R&D needs related to the discovery of various innovative biological drugs, including fully human antibodies, humanized single domain antibodies, humanized monoclonal antibodies, bispecific antibodies, multi-specific antibodies, polypeptides, ADC, PDC and miniaturized proteins. The obtained candidates have natural conformations, high affinity and high developability.

The STAL discovery platform is underpinned by a client-oriented, modular, diversified, and customized business system, which is not only applicable to the R&D of various innovative biological drugs, but also to the research of disease mechanisms and development of the diagnostic products. Dozens of projects from the platform have delivered the pre-clinical candidates, several projects have completed the pre-clinical R&D and entered the clinical phase.

Dr. Guojun Lang, CEO of Sanyou said: "the research and development of innovative drugs have gradually entered a challenging era where we to overcome highly difficult innovative targets, novel drug modalities and intriguingly complex diseases ".

"The STAL Discovery Platform comprises nine super-trillion antibody libraries, with the number of lead antibodies up to hundreds of times that of canonical antibody discovery technologies. The platform integrates the generation technologies of a variety of biological drugs such as fully human antibodies, humanized antibodies, miniaturized nanobodies, affinitive polypeptides, and affinitive miniaturized proteins, so that it is suitable not only for developing antibodies targeting conventional epitopes, but also for developing antibodies targeting specific epitopes and refined epitopes. Also, the platform seamlessly integrates phage display technology and mammalian cell expression technology so that it is suitable not only for cross-screening with proteins of different species such as human, mouse, and monkey, but also for positive/negative screening of differentiated proteins such as mutation sites, competing antibodies, Fc fusion proteins and His fusion proteins, as well as for complex screening of difficult targets such as cellular antigens, polypeptide antigens, and transmembrane antigens."

"The STAL Discovery Platform has been modularly integrated with the Pre-Clinical Integrated Innovative Antibody Drug R&D Platform. As a result, various antibody discovery services, featured technical services and staged technical services can be implemented flexibly, and pre-clinical candidate discovery and integrated R&D of pre-clinical biological drugs can be completed as an one-stop solution. On the basis of this platform, Sanyou is also developing an intelligent innovative antibody drug discovery platform."

"It is believed that the Pre-Clinical Integrated Innovative Antibody Drug R&D Platform, the STAL Discovery Platform, and the Intelligent Innovative Antibody Drug Discovery Platform of Sanyou will prominently help our partners to lead the competition, overcome difficulties in drug innovations, and develop more high-quality innovative drugs to benefit the patients."

About Sanyou Biopharmaceuticals

Sanyou Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. is a world-leading biotechnology and high-tech enterprise focusing on R&D and services of innovative antibody drugs.

Sanyou is committed to establishing an internationally leading high-quality, high-throughput and integrated R&D and value transformation platform for innovative antibody drugs, constructing a business ecosystem including therapy, R&D, and diagnostic products and services, and cooperating with global biopharmaceutical, diagnostic, and drug R&D companies to make new progress in the diagnosis and treatment of human diseases.

Sanyou has established an integrated innovative antibody drug R&D laboratory of several thousand square meters with advanced facilities. There are 10 major functional modules and more than 40 core technological platforms, which are featured by a series of Super-Trillion phage display antibody libraries and integrated platforms covering innovative antibody drug discovery, innovative antibody drug optimization, production cell line construction, upstream and downstream process development, preclinical R&D and industrial development, etc.

Sanyou has built a business system that integrates "differentiated CRO, innovative CPO and characteristic CRS", and consistently launches new technologies, new products, new services, and new scenarios based on the principle of high quality, fast delivery and cost-efficiency. Friendly business collaborations have been established with more than 300 pharmaceutical companies, drug R&D institutions and diagnostics companies worldwide.

Source: Sanyou Super-Trillion Innovative Antibody Drug Discovery Platform Announced – World Premiere