Schindler launches CleanMobility solutions

HONG KONG, July 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Schindler announces the launch of CleanMobility, a new range of touchless, sanitization, and physical distancing innovations that boost hygiene and safety in elevators, on escalators and on moving walks. The solutions include smartphone apps for touchless elevator operation, advanced transit management, air purification systems and UV-light sanitization, as well as options to limit passenger numbers.

Schindler has a growing range of future-ready, highly scalable services for the digitally enabled world, all designed to ensure enhanced efficiency and security, and an enhanced user experience. As health and well-being have become even more important in recent months, clean and touchless operation as well as passenger space solutions are now also part of this growing range of services.

The new Schindler CleanMobility range includes following touchless operation solutions: the Schindler ElevateMe smartphone app that allows passengers to simply call the elevator and select the destination, Schindler CleanCall no-contact sensors that make elevator push buttons obsolete, and the expanded MyPORT Public app for Schindler PORT, making Schindler’s leading destination control and building access system for elevators and buildings touchless for the general public.

Additionally, the new range includes the following sanitization solutions: Schindler CleanCover, providing an antibacterial protective film to cover elevator surfaces; the Schindler UV CleanAir air purification system and Schindler UV CleanCar system that cleans the cabin surfaces without using harmful chemicals, and Schindler Ultra UV for escalators and moving walk handrails, providing reliable and automatic disinfection.

Lastly, the Schindler CleanMobility range is complemented by the Schindler CleanSpace passenger space solution, allowing for changeable settings to limit passenger load in the car to support expanding individual passenger space and promote physical distancing.

"The events of recent months have accelerated innovation, resulting in elevators and escalators becoming cleaner and more digitally connected spaces. For instance, with our destination control apps, passengers can turn personal mobile devices into elevator buttons, while UV light keeps elevator cabins, escalator handrails and other surfaces sanitized and safe to touch," said Thomas Oetterli, Schindler’s Chief Executive Officer. "With our CleanMobility solutions we aim to give passengers reassurance and confidence when they travel with Schindler products, as well as help them adapt to a changing urban world."

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