SEEDLAND Unveiled the 1st OTA Smart Community to Render Proactive, Synergetic and Unperceivable Services

SEEDLAND OTA smart community is equipped with a super “community brain” — SLS2.0 — independently developed by SEEDLAND.

SEEDLAND is committed to building a boundaryless community interconnected with digital cities.

BEIJING, Dec. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Imagine a smart community unceasingly upgrading through over-the-air (OTA) updates like a smart car or a smart phone. SEEDLAND Group, a smart life leader and prominent real estate company in China, attempts to turn this vision into reality and usher in an era of evolving community.

An OTA smart community, the first of its kind domestically and internationally, is unveiled in Beijing, China by SEEDLAND on December 1, 2020. SEEDLAND OTA smart community is equipped with a super "community brain" — SLS2.0 — independently developed by SEEDLAND. It has, in a true sense, accomplished connections and interactions between everything, hence miscellaneous smart hardware, software, algorithms and solutions in the community are able to upgrade via OTA on a continuous basis. In SEEDLAND OTA smart community, with the unique OneID OneService experience, every user can enjoy an array of proactive, synergetic and unperceivable services in different scenarios, including commuting, security, health, delivery and so forth.

SEEDLAND Unveiled the 1st OTA Smart Community to Render Proactive, Synergetic and Unperceivable Services
SEEDLAND Unveiled the 1st OTA Smart Community to Render Proactive, Synergetic and Unperceivable Services

OTA is applied in people’s living for the 1st time

OTA is a new cloud-based download technology, which was noted in 2000 in Japan. The launch of iPhone by Apple in 2007 carried forward a smartphone era, accompanied by the massive use of OTA. Tesla Model S released in 2012 marked the first application of OTA in the automobile industry, overturned then moving forward to a brand-new smart age. It is OTA that enables Tesla vehicles to access new safety and navigation features on a regular basis, for improvements in vehicle performance and driving experience. The entire process requires an upgrade package only, and what an owner needs to do is just a click for upgrade confirmation.

This time around, OTA is adopted in people’s living by SEEDLAND for the first time.

Life at SEEDLAND OTA smart community
Life at SEEDLAND OTA smart community

As one of the earliest practitioners of smart living in China, SEEDLAND has been devising smart communities since 2018. In October 2018, SEEDLAND proposed a strategic idea of building SLS (Smart Life System). To this end, it later established Seedland Technology Center (STC) inside the Group, developed the prototype SLS and launched the first SLS platform in September 2019. So far, SLS has been updated to SLS2.0.

The ongoing enhancement of SLS’s technical capabilities has brought out the success of the 1st OTA smart community in China. "SEEDLAND OTA smart community offers interconnected, proactive, smart and synergetic services, and continues to evolve in software, hardware, algorithms and solutions," said Xu Zhenbin, President of STC, at the system launch.

SEEDLAND OTA smart community is upgraded significantly in three aspects, distinguishing itself from the traditional as well as the existing ones.

First, it upgrades from a product aspect, pivoting from a static community to a dynamic one with continuous enhancements in hardware, software and intelligence. As regards hardware, aside from covering main public areas and all home appliances, it can continuously introduce more new smart equipment, such as domestic robots, logistics robots, unmanned vehicles, delivery drones, among others. Its open and standard interface supports the access for devices from different manufacturers, and can be combined and replaced without restrictions. In respect of solutions, the smart community provides 200 solutions, unceasingly updates personalized services, and offers a growing number of cross-scenario services. Regarding deployment, SEEDLAND OTA smart community is capable of rapid deployment and upgrading as well as extensive coverage, thereby addressing the common problem of "falling behind upon delivery" faced by the existing traditional "smart communities".

Second, it upgrades from an experience aspect, pivoting from the device-centric isolated experience of single products to the human-centric cross-scenario experience characterized by interactions between things and between devices. Currently, most property companies still focus on intelligence of single products and functions, whereas SEEDLAND OTA smart community has progressed to cross-scenario intelligence and can provide such experience as contactless access, three-dimensional security, self-driven modes of leaving or going home, etc.

Third, it can learn and evolve independently, and forms a positive closed loop of "data – algorithm – services". At present, the proactive real-time Internet of Things (IoT) data streams exceed 500,000 per day from a single community of SEEDLAND. As data amassed grows, the "community brain" will have a deeper understanding of both the environment and the users. As a result, the algorithms will be more accurate to bring more satisfactory services and experience, thus developing a virtuous cycle of "data – algorithm – services".

SEEDLAND is introducing OTA into every community, enlarging its serviceable range to software, hardware, algorithms and solutions. All of these are essential breakthroughs in people’s living.

Five capabilities of SLS2.0 create a super "community brain"

The success of SEEDLAND OTA smart community is derived from SLS that SEEDLAND has been devoting itself to developing independently. Similar to a super brain of the community, it operates, directs and dispatches each "unit" of the smart community to perform their duties independently or together. The current version — SLS2.0 — is armed with greater technical capabilities and larger amount of data.

The structure of SLS2.0 is "1+4+N", namely, one smart cloud, four smart middle-tier platforms and numerous smart products. Among them, the core is the smart middle-tier platforms, namely Smart IoT Middle-Tier Platform, Smart Data Middle-Tier Platform, Artificial Intelligence Middle-Tier Platform and Smart Application Middle-Tier Platform.

SEEDLAND Unveiled the 1st OTA Smart Community to Render Proactive, Synergetic and Unperceivable Services
SEEDLAND Unveiled the 1st OTA Smart Community to Render Proactive, Synergetic and Unperceivable Services

Smart IoT Middle-Tier Platform connects families, communities, commercial facilities and services to achieve true Internet of Everything (IOE). Besides, Smart Data Middle-Tier Platform possesses powerful capabilities of data integration and management. Artificial Intelligence Middle-Tier Platform has the world’s leading scenario-based algorithm capabilities, while Smart Application Middle-Tier Platform has created an integrated experience of miscellaneous communities and all home scenarios. In 2020, STC performed brilliantly, winning two first prizes and one second prize internationally in the ACM 2020 Multimedia Grand Challenge, with tech giants like Amazon and Google attended.

SLS2.0 – known as the super "community brain" — possesses five capabilities.

First, the capability to connect openly and widely. SLS2.0 can be connected to all types of devices at home, community and supporting facilities, and currently to nine primary types of devices in the public areas and 57 devices for home, public areas and commercial facilities. At present, the smart life ecosystem of most companies is occluded, whereas SEEDLAND SLS offers an open interface to support access for devices from different manufacturers. In addition, SEEDLAND formulated the first community standard — Standard for Smart Community Information Model — by working with such leading companies as Huawei, China Mobile, Kingsoft Cloud and Hitachi. The standard will facilitate the access for varied devices, and will be released in the middle of this December.

Second, the fusion capability of multi-source heterogeneous data. In SEEDLAND’s OTA smart community, users’ offline behaviors, such as commute, health, consumption and socializing, will be digitized, and together with elevators, robots and other access devices, will produce a tremendous pool of IoT active data every day. Accordingly, the smart data center will build a petabyte data lake for the community to integrate and process data.

Third, the unique multi-modal face recognition capability in the community. The accuracy of face recognition technology has now exceeded 98% under complex conditions including strong light, dimming light, long distance and high angle. Besides, the constantly upgraded multimodal recognition technology can identify body parts and behavior patterns, and adapt to complicated community scenarios, say when people are mixed, blocked or crowded together or bump into others. Meanwhile, the accuracy of non-cooperative identification surpasses 95%, above the industry average of 90%. Thanks to this unique multimodal recognition technology, the recognition rate for special groups of people, including the elderly and children, far outstrips that of counterparts.

Fourth, the voice recognition capability in outdoor environment. It is the only commercially viable solution in the industry for now. The community scenarios are dominated by noisy outdoor environment, to which there is no satisfactory solution in the industry. Nevertheless, the recognition rate of SEEDLAND SLS’s AI voice algorithm in such environment is 60% higher than the main rivals. On top of that, its voice recognition in long-distance and mixed environment is remarkable.

Fifth, the cross-scenario capability of all-field intelligence. The experience has been boosted immensely from being device-centric to performing human-centric, achieved true spatial intelligence and unperceivable interaction by connecting data across time, so as to bring forth more innovative scenarios.

On October 30, 2020, SEEDLAND launched the 1st 5G SA smart community in Guangzhou Ivy Garden, furnished with dedicate SA 5G network. This not only enhances the data security and control, but also endows plenty of new business models with possibility, redoubling the might of SEEDLAND OTA smart community.

One ID Offers cross-scenario linkage of unperceivable services

What differences can SEEDLAND OTA smart community underpinned by SLS2.0 bring to users?

Are you familiar with the following scenario? In a scorching summer, you get back to the community from work, park the car, and collect your parcels in the delivery locker with a briefcase. When arriving at the front door of your black with your hands full, you realize that you cannot get the access control card or phone to open the door by yourself. At that moment, you either put things down or call the property services staff to open the door. Finally, you reach the front door of your apartment but need to lay down the parcels again to get the key. Finally, you walk in the door in a sweat, you then turn on the air conditioner immediately, however it takes a long time for it to cool you down…

Such embarrassment is out of the question in SEEDLAND OTA smart community.

SEEDLAND OTA smart community has offered proactive, synergetic and unperceivable services of OneID OneService. Furthermore, it has advanced to cross-scenario intelligence when most smart communities are still focused on intelligence of single products and functions. OneID means one ID for all scenarios and applications. For instance, common community life scenarios can be handled with one ID, including opening doors of a community, a block and a house. Beyond that, users can take self-driving commuter vehicle hachi auto by face recognition, dump rubbish in smart garbage bins, collect packages delivered by smart delivery robot hachi delight, pay in a new retail facility Comma Market, buy goods from smart vending machines, among other things. OneService means that all services are proactive, synergetic and predictive to provide users with an unperceivable service experience.

In SEEDLAND smart community, self-driven modes of going home should be as follows:

When a user drives into the community, the access control can identify his car and can be linked to the control center of his house — inSight produced by a Beijing-based technology service company Know– to activate self-driven modes of going home. Under this mode, indoor lighting, curtains, air conditioner, water heater, and other home appliances will turn into default mode. In addition, the Know’s inBot will start frying steak according to the set mode. Meanwhile, if the user has to collect any parcel, the access control will be linked to "notify" the smart delivery locker as well as hachi delight. Then the robot will collect the parcel as required, head for the underground parking lot, request the lifting of barrier gate, and take the elevator to reach the floor where the user’s house is located. Later, hachi delight will call Know’s inSight, send a message to the user’s smart phone as a reminder. The user can collect the parcel by face recognition or scanning the QR code when answering the door.

In fact, self-driven modes of going home is merely an epitome of the proactive, synergetic and unperceivable services offered by SEEDLAND OTA smart community. In the community, cross-scenario linkage is workable in all common demands such as commute, security, health, delivery, business, entertainment and education. Examples include three-dimensional smart security linking community security and home security, self-driving commuter vehicle hachi auto and delivery robot hachi delight V2X (information exchange between vehicle and the outside).

In this system launch, SEEDLAND has also introduced a number of new scenario-based hardware products, such as self-driving commuter vehicle hachi auto 2, Know’s smart fitness bike inBike and so forth. It aims to improve the cross-scenario smart experience of users on an ongoing basis. "As a new player in smart living industry, we are proud to serve as a part of SEEDLAND’s smart living ecosystem. In the future, we will launch more great smart products and deepen the cooperation with SEEDLAND," says Know.

A Community Operates Like Your Partner

Owing to the upgrading capabilities of the "community brain" and OTA, the service mode of SEEDLAND communities have undergone revolutionary changes.

The major functions of ordinary property management include fee collection, information collection and reporting and request for repair. Owners might often be confronted with many problems such as chaotic fee collection, delayed information publicity and the failure of timely repair and feedback. After all, conventional property services are not based on users’ core needs. What is provided there is just basic services and problems are solved in a passive way.

All of these is going to change in an OTA smart community.

In SEEDLAND OTA smart communities, user needs are proactively classified based upon SLS2.0’s insight, and new-generation user operations are launched. The operation philosophy SEEDLAND OTA smart communities upheld is "SPACE", i.e. socialized, prompt, active, customized and emotional.

The relationship between property management side and users is redefined by SPACE — every user in the community is accessible to exclusive services rendered by "PARTNER". Partners can bring a personalized and heartwarming interpersonal interaction interface to community services, establish trust-based emotional connections with users, and offer trust-based proactive companion and services.

SEEDLAND OTA smart community renders exclusive services with the help of "PARTNER"
SEEDLAND OTA smart community renders exclusive services with the help of "PARTNER"

Compared with conventional property management personnel, Partners are firstly life experts around users. They have a clear view of the surroundings and supporting facilities of the community. They can give quick feedback to users and provide services such as maintaining living facilities and customizing community supporting facilities. They act as a convenient contact for users’ life. They are close companions for users in full cycle. Partners, in the second place, are security guards around users. Based on the real-time monitoring function of SLS2.0, Partners can warn against potential safety hazards, and in case of a hazardous event, can intervene in time and mobilize resources from various parties, carry out emergency treatment, and ensure the safety of the elder people, children, women and other special groups to the greatest extent. Lastly, partners are good helpers around users. When a user leaves the house, he/she can remotely authorize Partner to offer services. In the meantime, SLS2.0 can track this Partner’s behaviors in real time, to protect user’s privacy and property safety.

A "Boundaryless Community" will be Built to Connect with Smart Cities in the Future

As a significant breakthrough in the domestic home industry, SEEDLAND OTA smart community will undoubtedly continue update and iteration. Currently, SEEDLAND has connected SLS with nine projects across the country. All of its properties will be covered subsequently, connecting over 1 million devices as well as more than 1 million users. Looking into the future, SEEDLAND is committed to building a "boundaryless community" interconnected with digital cities.

Firstly, "community brain" SLS will see continuous breakthroughs in its AI capability. Based on the constantly accumulating big data platform, SEEDLAND will leverage its data strengths, further develop the multi-modal AI technology, continue to access more smart equipment, and make intelligent capabilities and frictionless services "omnipresent". For instance, the next move will be introducing unmanned aerial vehicles to develop airspace intelligence, so as to offer all-weather, all-day-long and unmanned logistics services to communities.

Secondly, SLS-based cross-community connection and linkage will be carried out, especially the linkage between intra-city communities under SEEDLAND. Just one community account can ensure that services available for users in the current community are also available in other communities, thereby achieving resources co-creating and sharing and building "boundaryless community".

Lastly, SEEDLAND’s communities will gradually extend the service capacity and scenarios into urban space. In terms of smart commute, SEEDLAND will achieve seamless transportation between "the last kilometer within the community" and public transportation by connecting driverless commuting vehicles within the community with urban third-party travel services or driverless car services. With regard to intelligent security, SEEDLAND’s communities will try to connect with the security system of a smart city and build an all-around security system of "family-community-city".

"Just as Apple has defined smartphones and Tesla has defined new-energy vehicles, the living patterns are also being redefined by intelligent technology," said Zhang Liang, Chairman of SEEDLAND. "The boundary and imagination space of smart life are further expanded by SEEDLAND OTA smart community. Being a leader of smart community as well as operation, it will definitely uncover a brand new lifestyle in the era of AIoT."

Source: SEEDLAND Unveiled the 1st OTA Smart Community to Render Proactive, Synergetic and Unperceivable Services