Shanghai Electric Showcases Smart Energy Solution at China International Industrial Expo on World's Clean Up Day

Shanghai Electric presented exhibitions on Smart City, Smart Energy, Intelligent Manufacturing and Intelligent Transportation at the expo

SHANGHAI, Sept. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Shanghai Electric gave a strong impression at the 22nd China International Industrial Expo (the "Shanghai Industrial Fair"), which took place during September 15-19 at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. The company presented exhibitions on Smart City, Smart Energy, Intelligent Manufacturing, and Intelligent Transportation in line with the Fair’s theme of "Intelligence, Interconnection – New Development of Enabling Industry."



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This year, the Shanghai Industry Expo adopted a new mode of exhibition with "offline as the main and online as the supplement." The expos included nine different exhibition areas including CNC machine tools and metal processing, industrial automation, energy conservation and industrial support along with a new generation of information technology and applications.

Yuanyi, the Vice President of Shanghai Electric Power Generation Group, said, "We are embracing a more digitalized and intelligent future. Today marks the third World’s Clean Up Day, and the world is calling for intelligent solutions to tackle the environment issues. We are proud to bring smart energy solutions along with other smart solutions to the expo as Shanghai Electric has always been eager to explore intelligent solutions for future smart world."  

Shanghai Electric’s Smart Solutions

  • Smarty City—Shanghai Electric showcased its complete industrial chain and related software platform, including new energy vehicle charging, smart elevators, waste disposal and other solutions that pave the way to a smart future. The company exhibited a fully automatic charging robot for new energy vehicles code-named C-POD at the fair. This product can identify the position of the electric vehicle charging port through a visual module and guide the charging gun into the charging port, making the entire process unmanned.
  • Smart Energy—Shanghai Electric has developed a comprehensive energy solution that brings together photothermal, photovoltaic, wind power, energy storage, smart turbines, smart energy management and power quality management. Shanghai Electric has successfully developed the Sanxing smart microgrid project in the Xin’an Village, which transfers the village into a zero-carbon community by applying the independently-developed power quality comprehensive management system and advanced technology of reactive power compensation to ensure the reliability of power supply and the best possible operation of the microgrid.
  • Intelligent Manufacturing—Showcased its exploration in digital transformation in the expo, Shanghai Electric has leveraged its vast experience in artificial intelligence to develop industry application solutions in wind power, environmental protection, thermal power, elevators and other industries. The company garnered attention for its innovations and its role in "digital transformation" at the 2020 World Artificial Intelligence Conference. The company also won the world’s first industrial intelligence medal, the "Zhanlu Award" and built the SEunicloud digital solution platform to help enterprises quickly and cost-effectively realize innovative industrial internet applications and improve the level of digitalization and enterprise intelligence.
  • Intelligent Transportation—Shanghai Electric and Shanghai ShenTong Metro have been jointly exploring the applications of 5G in rail transit train controls, video surveillance and intelligent operation. The companies also discussed how to carry out the optimization and development of road-implanted magnetic track system and real environment feasibility verification, while discovering new solutions for urban rail transit in the 5G era, and making Intelligent Digital Railway Transit system (iDRT) the backbone of the future of modern transport through the use of virtual electronic rail technology.  

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