Shanghai Guijiu wins international acclaims in Paris

SHANGHAI, Sept. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Shanghai Guijiu Co.,Ltd., a rapidly expanding Chinese Baijiu brand, appeared recently at a high-end brand forum held at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, in an endeavor to promote the fast-growing liquor brand’s fashionable and international image. The appearance of Shanghai Guijiu at the forum not only demonstrated its efforts in further enhancing the value of the brand, but also helped raise the visibility of this important piece of Chinese cultural heritage on the world stage.

The Sino-French business forum was the seventh Bonjour Brand event series and was attended by almost 100 representatives from three major French luxury brands, leading Chinese consumer brands, as well as Chinese and French artists and designers, where they engaged in discussions of ‘Chinese fashion trend has more than one side’. The Forum is aiming to connect French brands with the Chinese economy, enable direct connections between leading Chinese and French brands, businesses and politicians and create more opportunities for exchanges and cooperation between manufacturers in the two countries.

As a high-end Chinese Baijiu product aiming to spread Chinese Baijiu culture as well as traditional culture around the globe, during the event Shanghai Guijiu attractted quite a lot of visitors to stop for its fragrance and won praises at this renowned ChinaFrance brand forum held in Paris. After tasting Shanghai Guijiu, a visitor said she was intrigued by the elegant design of the packing and the bottle, and was really ‘wowed’ by the ‘exotic smell’ and ‘thrilling taste’.

Three participants are intrigued by Shanghai Guijiu at the seventh Bonjour Brand event series.
Three participants are intrigued by Shanghai Guijiu at the seventh Bonjour Brand event series.

With the pursuit of high product quality, Shanghai Guijiu has been endeavoring to raise worldwide brand awareness by winning a series of international competition awards, including International Spirits Challenge (ISC) 2022 and International Spirits Grand Challenge (ISGC). In particular, Shanghai Guijiu Brand Experience Store Nanjing got iF Design Award 2022, which is one of the three major design awards in the world, demonstrating how Shanghai Guijiu values and excels at customer experience.

Since the start of 2022, Shanghai Guijiu has been entirely focusing on its main business of liquor, exerting great efforts on brand operation, product promotion, channel expansion at multi-dimensional levels. With customer-centered principle, the booming Chinese Baijiu company is operating a traditional business with world-class brand concept to meet the differentiated needs of different consumer groups.

As of now, the company has formulated its development strategy of multiple brand matrix, including the high-end innovative Baijiu product ‘Tianqing Guiniang’, which appeared at the seventh Bonjour Brand event series.

It is believed that Shanghai Guijiu will give a new expression to Baijiu culture with its differentiated advantages, draw a brand blueprint of ‘for the future, be the future’, and thrive in international markets as a Chinese Baijiu brand.

About Shanghai Guijiu

Shanghai Guijiu Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive Baijiu group integrating tradition and innovation. Headquartered in Shanghai and globally focused, Shanghai Guijiu Co., Ltd. leads the innovation and development of the industry. Focusing on consumer demands, it creates exclusive personalized experiences.


Source: Shanghai Guijiu wins international acclaims in Paris