Singing "Arirang" at the world's most famous year-end party venue

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Cultural Heritage Administration and the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation have played their last episode video of the 2021 Global Promotion Project of the Visit Korean Heritage Campaign in New York Times Square since December 7. It is about "Arirang," Korea’s more than 600-year-old folk song.


Promoting K-heritage throughout the world with "Arirang"

The promotional video of Arirang features people of different nationalities singing Arirang with their own rhythms. Arirang is the most iconic Korean folk song, which symbolizes cultural diversity as its variations have been continuously made in the region, history, and genre-wise manners. With 60 themes and around 3,600 songs played so far, Arirang was listed on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2012, recognized for its artistic value.

In the video, two dancers – Mari and Rihanna – get a groove on; graffiti artist Jackson Shim draws the song in different colors on the screen; young skateboarder Baek Ian flies in the sky; and Joo Bora plays Arirang on the Gayageum, to show exciting Arirang on their own rhythms and to deliver special characteristics of the song. The video ends with a message of "The rhythm inside you we call that Arirang."

New York Times Square is one of the most globally popular places where all cultures get together. As the venue is especially renowned for the New Year’s Eve party, the video is expected to attract special attention during its run for a month.

Enjoying five episodes of the 2021 global promotion project on YouTube

The Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation makes the Visit Korean Heritage Campaign to the grand finale, which has been held since this summer, with the Arirang video. Joo Bora appeared in the Arirang video as the Gayageum (Korean traditional musical instrument) player, served as the music director of all five promotional videos. She said, "I wanted to deliver the message that the cultural heritage is alive by putting the sounds of the 21st century on the song. It’s significantly meaningful that the final episode is featured with Arirang to express the rhythm inside us."

The five promotional video clips with beautiful sounds can be viewed on the campaign’s official YouTube channel. "We designed the representative image of Korea for the 21st century by creating promotional video series played in the world’s major cities. As many people in the world are paying attention to K-culture content, we want to expand this interest into Korean traditional culture and attract tourists to the cultural assets in the future," said Kim Ki-sam, Director of Cultural Heritage Contents at the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation.


Source: Singing "Arirang" at the world's most famous year-end party venue