Slenergy Strengthens its Local Presence in Europe

FRANKFURT, Germany, Aug. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Enthusiastic feedback flooded in from local partners during Slenergy’s recent Partner Training & Guidance Tour in Germany, affirming the distinct advantages of the company’s iShare-Home system: "Slenergy’s one-stop solution greatly alleviates stock capital concerns, accelerating the circulation." "Slenergy’s system supply chain eliminates the need to manage multiple suppliers for different system parts." "Slenergy’s marketing support helps to boost our sales significantly." "Slenergy’s one-stop concept is the ultimate fix for current installation challenges, a rarity in the industry!"



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Slenergy, a leading innovator in the renewable energy industry, is cementing its local presence in Europe, particularly in Germany, through diverse channels like installation training tours and one-stop salons. The company introduced its groundbreaking iShare-Home one-stop residential solar energy solution in Munich this May, with over 1000 kits sold across the continent in just three months.

During the recent and successful month-long Partner Training & Guidance Tour in Germany, Slenergy’s engineers traversed cities like Salzwedel, Leipzig and Hamburg, delivering specialized training sessions tailored for prioritized channel partners. These courses offered a comprehensive insight into the iShare-Home solution, along with detailed on-site installation training and guidance.

Meticulously customized to meet clients’ demands, the courses ensured flawless installations. Beyond collecting positive feedback on its one-stop solution, the tour enabled engineers to receive first-hand constructive suggestions. For example, a partner in Delitzsch appreciated the convenient organization of accessories within a single box but proposed a refinement. In response, Slenergy’s Product Director promptly adjusted the packing design for the next shipment, aligning with the company’s commitment to perfection in every detail.

Recognizing the importance of a robust local presence, Slenergy has invested significantly in comprehensive local support for pre-sales, sales, after-sales, and product service. A one-stop salon for clients was organized at the Radisson Blu Hotel Frankfurt on August 29, offering insights into the company and the iShare-Home system.

With its promising sales trajectory in Germany, Slenergy strives for excellence across Europe. The expansion into Italy, Spain and the Netherlands is planned for the next month. An official launch event is scheduled in Milan, Italy, this October.

As a visionary player in the new energy industry, Slenergy aims to upgrade the sector with precision manufacturing standards and innovative technologies. The company actively broadens its market reach, making green energy benefits accessible to a wider audience, fostering energy independence and cultivating a sustainable future for all.

Source: Slenergy Strengthens its Local Presence in Europe