SUNSEEKER to Make Their US Debut at Hardscape North America

WIreless Robotic Lawnmower just one of a wide range of products being introduced at Louisville, KY next week

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Oct. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SUNSEEKER, a hardscaping and landscaping business that specializes in robotic lawn mowers, is making their North American debut in Louisville, KY at Equip Exposition on 18-20 October, co-located with the Hardscape North America conference. In addition to introducing their brand to the North American market, Sunseeker is debuting their newest and most technologically ambitious wireless robotic lawnmower, the Platform X.

Platform X represents the pinnacle of Sunseeker’s fleet, boasting cutting-edge technology. It incorporates three pivotal features, which will make this particular new product a must-have for lawn care: Real-time Kinematic (RTK) for precision boundary tracking within a remarkable 2-centimeter margin, Virtual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (VSLAM), and an Artificial Intelligence Sense System (AISS).

These three seamlessly integrated technologies collaborate to enable multi-zone management, establish perimeter wire free boundaries, and navigate around obstacles. RTK takes the lead as the primary function, handling the majority of tasks. However, in scenarios where Platform X encounters obstructive elements such as dense bushes that could potentially weaken the signal, disrupt connectivity, or induce disorientation, the VSLAM and AISS systems step in to ensure there are no issues with the Platform X completing its job.

Sunseeker has a solid reputation built on over 15 years of factory expertise, securing more than 300 product patents and a growing team of seasoned R&D professionals. Already an established and trusted resource for suburban landscapes globally, Sunseeker has now turned their sights to North America, offering untapped potential to every homeowner and landscaper with its wide range of products, from weather proof backpack batteries, grass trimmers, and brush cutters to ergonomically handled hedge trimmers, chainsaws and turbo boost function handheld blowers, making autumn leaf removal easier, but also fun.

Harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology to provide quality products for both commercial use and consumers, Sunseeker’s Platform X flagship for its North American market debut also gives the combined collective capability of the three technical features in that innovative new product to each and every buyer, whatever their lawn care experience. This comprehensive 3-in-1 system not only enhances the stability of Platform X but also significantly reduces the risk of it becoming disoriented or lost, and ensures Platform X remains in control even in challenging situations, so is the right choice for every user, whatever their level of experience or age.

But that’s not all the Sunseeker Platform X offers. It also includes dual cutting plates, with a cutting width of 14 inch (36 centimeters), and Auto Height Adjustment between 0.8-4.0 inch (2-10 millimeters). The Platform X also offers all-wheel drive, including slope climbing capabilities of 35°, or 70% slope grade, to combat rugged terrain. The Platform X has remote app control alongside Google and Amazon voice control connectivity to activate even when its users are far away. It has a smart visual-based quick return to its stand when it is alerted to low battery, and its low noise design (under 55 decibels) for night time gardeners, auto charger to ensure non-stop performance, rain sensor, and LED light all make this is a top of the market, efficient and user-friendly product offering for the North American market.

Justin Novosel, EVP and GM of North American Operations for Sunseeker US, said: "Sunseeker aims to keep pushing the boundary to bring the latest technologies in power garden equipment. Our Platform X brings a unique combination of technology that works together to make it a truly revolutionary product that’s been designed with consumers and commercial users in mind. With many landscape and lawncare enthusiasts and professionals now considering investing in a robot or autonomous lawn mower, we are pleased to present the Sunseeker Platform X to North America for the very first time. It’s not only going to be the best purchase you ever make, it will be a product that serves you and your outdoor oasis for a long time."

Sunseeker will be at Hardscape North America at the Equip Exposition in indoor booth number 1160, and outdoor booth number 7460D, showcasing its Platform X robot lawn mower, alongside other products. Come and see the Platform X’s three model options which accommodate lawn sizes, from 3/4 acre all the way up to 3 acre, and have an anticipated MSRP of ¾ acre: $2399, 1.5 acre: $2999, and 3 acres: $3999.

To see the wide range of innovative, yet truly affordable professional products Sunseeker is also bringing to North America, and to find the best one for your needs, visit

About Sunseeker:

Established in 2009, Sunseeker emerged from a deep appreciation for the potential of outdoor spaces and a visionary outlook that transcends conventional landscaping. Our founders envisioned a realm where artistry met cutting-edge technology, redefining how individuals interact with their surroundings. Sunseeker unites homeowners and landscapers, offering tools that empower them to innovate and transform their outdoor spaces in ways previously unimagined. As a high-tech enterprise, we specialize in intelligent equipment, robotics, and IoT technology.

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