T ONE Capital Pte Ltd Honored at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2020

SINGAPORE, Dec. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Enterprise Asia is pleased to present an impressive list of sixty-one outstanding award recipients at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards (APEA) 2020 Regional Edition. These leading figures have set and proven themselves consistent and exceptional entrepreneurial spirit in going above and beyond expectations during this unprecedented year. 

T ONE Capital Pte Ltd was awarded in the Fast Enterprise Category at the recently concluded Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2020 Regional Edition
T ONE Capital Pte Ltd was awarded in the Fast Enterprise Category at the recently concluded Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2020 Regional Edition

Established in 2007, APEA recognises outstanding entrepreneurs and organisation representing the best the industry has to offer. An initiative by Enterprise Asia, the region’s leading NGO, APEA is the largest regional recognition program, with over 3,000 nominations received each year, and less than one-tenth of that receiving the awards in all 14 markets. 

This year, Enterprise Asia has rebranded its flagship program – APEA, from Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards to Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards with two additional enterprise awarding categories – Inspirational Brand Award and Fast Enterprise Award in bid to further recognise championing enterprises in strong reputation and thriving growth. This brings APEA to a total of four awarding categories – Master Entrepreneur, Corporate Excellence, Inspirational Brand, and Fast Enterprise.

Due to the impact of the pandemic, APEA 2020 Regional Edition was commenced virtually on 20 November 2020 with the theme of ‘Accelerating Growth Beyond Borders’.  The theme objective is to unlock boundaries and shifting businesses to move beyond adaption and lead with impact. The APEA has gathered distinguished business leaders and organisations across 14 countries and markets into one unparalleled platform in fostering the continuity of sustainable entrepreneur growth in Asia.

Company Introduction

T ONE is an international real estate investment company specialising in property investment, acquisition, consultancy and management services in the Asia Pacific and Europe. With its headquarters in Singapore, and offices in Bangkok, Beijing and Hong Kong, T ONE has established its global footprint with an extensive distribution channel network of more than 15 locations, bridging property investors to exclusive and premium opportunities in the global real estate market.

T ONE’s vision is to become the preferred service provider and partner of international real estate investments by fulfilling its missions of preserving and enhancing clients’ real estate investments, providing real estate developers with real estate solutions and services and to extend its distribution network and provide great support to partners.

Corporate Culture

To remain at the forefront of the company’s growth and strengthen its position in the market even during turbulent times, the Company has set itself to embrace changes and adapt  its business to meet the increasing demands of today’s society and competitive environment. T ONE endeavored on digital transformation during the current Covid-19 pandemic by adopting virtual reality marketing, live-streams, 360-degree panoramic photos, mobile app listings, as well as continuously deepen its digital capabilities to maintain its competitive advantage in the global real estate industry. With an experienced team on board, T ONE is committed to support its partners and customers throughout their investment journey wherever they are – from getting the right property through to resale.

Growth Initiatives

T ONE Capital’s business relies very much on its distribution channel, and the company is always at the forefront of building its distribution channels around the region. T ONE has invested tens of thousands of dollars to increase its distribution partners and developing a Customer Relationship Management (CMS) system known as T ONE Smart Plus+. This system helps manage developers and distributors account, providing real-time Sales Receivable, Sales Unit Transacted and Partners details.

T ONE’s Achievements

To provide better support to its partners and end purchasers, T ONE has set up regional offices in Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Beijing. The Company has also increased its staff strength from three to twenty staff across its regional offices in the past one and a half years. From 2019-2020, T ONE has transacted over 400 residential units and grossed USD73 million in sales turnover despite a challenging year in the real estate market. In 2020, the company was awarded the exclusive marketing rights for 200 residential units with a gross development value of USD 50 million by renowned real estate developers via underwriting.

Future Direction

Moving forward, T ONE will expand its presence in the Asia Pacific and Europe. The company plans to further its operations into cities such as Taipei, Osaka and London. The company also plans to invest in its existing staff by constantly ensuring up-to-date knowledge of the industry through frequent training. Aside, T ONE will also expand its distribution network and hire talents of the industry who can help and together grow with T ONE globally.

Source: T ONE Capital Pte Ltd Honored at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2020