Hari K2K
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Hari K2K: Foundations For A Better Future

Following the success of initiatives including K2K Idol and K2K Aktif Bersama, Think City, in collaboration with Citi Foundation and Persatuan Wanita PPR Hicom (PERWACOM), celebrated Hari K2K, a showcase of the Kita untuk Kita (K2K) programme’s community achievements, at PPR Hicom Kampung Baru in Shah Alam, Selangor on April 17 2021. ...

K2K Idol
A Citi for Everyone | Community |

K2K Idol: Singing to Support the Urban Poor

Uta Dietrich

Research has shown that singing can reduce anxiety, enhance mood, improve mental health and quality of life. Building on this knowledge, Think City has partnered with Karyawan, impacted by Covid-19 themselves, and Perwacom, a local NGO, to deliver this intervention of a different kind....