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Staying Aktif with K2K

In the wake of our piece celebrating Hari K2K, a showcase of the Kita untuk Kita (K2K) programme’s community achievements at PPR Hicom Kampung Baru in Shah Alam, we wanted to return to an interview we conducted for The Citymaker podcast with Think City’s Resilience Lead, Uta Dietrich a few weeks ago about K2K Aktif Bersama, Think City’s active lifestyle pilot programme in partnership with Citi Foundation. ...

Hari K2K
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Hari K2K: Foundations For A Better Future

Following the success of initiatives including K2K Idol and K2K Aktif Bersama, Think City, in collaboration with Citi Foundation and Persatuan Wanita PPR Hicom (PERWACOM), celebrated Hari K2K, a showcase of the Kita untuk Kita (K2K) programme’s community achievements, at PPR Hicom Kampung Baru in Shah Alam, Selangor on April 17 2021. ...

Waste Not, Want Not: Better Ways To Restore Our Earth
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Waste Not, Want Not: Fashion & The Fight For The Planet

This week we are celebrating Earth Day, the annual global event that involves more than a billion people in almost 200 countries demonstrating their support for the planet and protection of the environment. This year the theme is Restore Our Earth, and as part of a week-long programme of activities, Think City Institute has partnered with Finds of Bukit Kiara, Habitat Penang Fashion Revolution to present a series of virtual workshops and talk and film screenings. ...

Aktif Listening K2K Bersama
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Powerful Outcomes From Active Listening

Apps like Clubhouse celebrate innovation and the innovators while overlooking the vast army of maintainers that allow those systems to run. Programmes like Think City’s K2K Aktif Bersama are trying to change that conversation, focus on the people and the communities we all rely on to keep the world moving. ...

K2K Idol
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K2K Idol: Singing to Support the Urban Poor

Uta Dietrich

Research has shown that singing can reduce anxiety, enhance mood, improve mental health and quality of life. Building on this knowledge, Think City has partnered with Karyawan, impacted by Covid-19 themselves, and Perwacom, a local NGO, to deliver this intervention of a different kind....

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Pandemic Pioneers: Inspiring Moments of 2020

As we head Into the final month of this strange year, we’re changing up the format of the next few shows to bring you some of the major stories that have marked or Inspired us this year. This week, the role that new working practices have played in keeping us safe from the coronavirus in 2020, and how those same safeguards may be used against us in the future....