How To Build A Spectacular Lockdown Support Network
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How To Build An Effective Lockdown Support Network

With Malaysia experiencing record high numbers of COVID-19 cases and deaths, the country is entering an extended period of social and economic lockdowns aimed at curtailing and controlling the spread of the disease. As Malaysians embrace living, working and socialising from home once again, we speak to Mary Carty, a strategic consultant, and mentor is one of the founders of AwakenHub, a networking platform and resource centre for female entrepreneurs in Ireland and across the Irish diaspora. ...

The Awakening. The People Building Strong Networks For Women
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The Awakening. The People Building Strong Networks For Women

AwakenHub is a resource hub and community in Ireland, whose mission is to foster and support women entrepreneurs in Ireland and create a more vibrant start-up culture. The site hosts online events, workshops and mentoring sessions where women founders can network and share their experiences. This week, The Citymaker speaks to one of its co-founders, the strategist, speaker and serial entrepreneur Mary Carty, about the hub, the wider issues that women face when starting businesses, and some of the ways that similar models could be used to develop information and experience sharing communities for women founders in Malaysia. ...