Changing Course
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Changing Course: Old Cities, New Challenges

Over the past few weeks we’ve been shining a light on the work of the Think City Institute, both in its education and advocacy roles, and its mission to create and sustain a new generation of placemaking experts. We spoke to Dr. Richard Engelhardt, an historian, archaeologist, and anthropologist who is a longtime advisor to Think City. ...

Insights for A Better World: Instituting Futures Thinking
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Insights For A Better World: Instituting Futures Thinking

Selamat Hari Raya! A slightly longer episode for you to enjoy over the Raya break. A few weeks ago we marked the launch of the KISAH Futures anthology, a compilation of short stories submitted for the KISAH Futures competition that Think City launched in conjunction with UNDP Accelerator Labs, Universiti Malaya’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, MIGHT and Matahari Books. ...

Waste Not, Want Not: Better Ways To Restore Our Earth
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Waste Not, Want Not: Fashion & The Fight For The Planet

This week we are celebrating Earth Day, the annual global event that involves more than a billion people in almost 200 countries demonstrating their support for the planet and protection of the environment. This year the theme is Restore Our Earth, and as part of a week-long programme of activities, Think City Institute has partnered with Finds of Bukit Kiara, Habitat Penang Fashion Revolution to present a series of virtual workshops and talk and film screenings. ...