Temple Mall Celebrates Chinese New Year with the "Tapestry of Luck" East meets West with 12 Embroidered Cloth Tigers

  • Celebration features 12 cloth tigers, representing a folk craft on China’s list of National Intangible Cultural Heritage
  • Local female artist uses delicate French needlework to bring together Chinese and Western traditions
  • Blessed Tiger Ornament redemption campaign to herald a prosperous Year of the Tiger

HONG KONG, Jan. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — An iconic tourist attraction located just a stone’s throw away from Temple Mall, Wong Tai Sin Temple is a go-to spot for making New Year’s wishes at the start of the Lunar New Year. To mark an auspicious start to the Year of the Tiger in a fresh way, Temple Mall presents the "Tapestry of Luck" campaign, sending wishes of peace while also honouring tradition with 12 cloth tigers, representing a folk craft on China’s list of National Intangible Cultural Heritage. The 12 cloth tigers turn up the festive vibes in the mall with their spirited expressions and gestures, spreading joy for a prosperous, cheerful year to come.

Temple Mall celebrates the Lunar New Year with the "Tapestry of Luck" campaign, featuring cloth tigers from China's list of National Intangible Cultural Heritage.
Temple Mall celebrates the Lunar New Year with the "Tapestry of Luck" campaign, featuring cloth tigers from China’s list of National Intangible Cultural Heritage.

12 Lucky Tigers for 12 Months of Fortune
From 20 January onwards, the spirited "Lucky Cloth Tigers" installation will fill Temple Mall North with Chinese New Year blessings. More than just a traditional toy, the stuffed cloth tiger doll is an ancient folk craft sewn by elders as a talisman that protects their infant family members.

Decked out in colourful paints, embroideries and paper art, the 12 adorable stuffed mascots usher in an energetic start to the New Year. The stylised cloth tigers are embroidered with the auspicious motifs of New Year bouquets on the body and the Chinese character for "king" ("王") on the forehead. The embroidery is courtesy of French needlework by Dream a little Dream Embroidery, a studio run by a local female artist who studied at the Royal School of Needlework in the United Kingdom as well as in France, bringing together Chinese and Western traditions, as well as the old and the new.

Blessed Tiger Ornaments  for a Year of Roaring Success
Fancy an auspicious New Year gift? Customers who spend $388 or more using an electronic payment method at the mall in a single transaction are entitled to redeem a free Blessed Tiger Ornament upon registering as a Link member or uploading an on-site selfie with the New Year installations onto social media with the hashtag #TempleMall during the promotion period. The energetic tiger ornament will bring luck home for you and your loved ones!

Furthermore, to turn the festive vibes up a notch, get a custom-made fai chun from our Chinese calligraphers at the mall on 22, 23, 29 and 30 January.

Blessed Tiger Ornament Redemption
Dates: 22 January to 13 February 2022 (Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays, 31 January to 6 February)
Time: 11am to 8pm
Venue: Customer Services Counter, 1/F, Temple Mall North

Your One-Stop Mall for Shopping And Dining This New Year
An exclusive Chinese New Year Bazaar will be landing in the 1/F Atrium, Temple Mall North from 5 to 31 January featuring 14 stalls brimming with dried seafood and New Year gifts and goodies for you to treat your loved ones or prepare a great reunion feast. You can also share a sumptuous meal with family and friends in one of the mall’s approximately 50 restaurants, which span a range of cuisines, including various speciality Chinese restaurants you cannot miss.

Twelve Flavors

(No. 101, L1/F, Temple Mall South)

Specialised in authentic Sichuan cuisine, the eatery is famed for spicy dried hotpot and boiled fish with pickled cabbages. The latter is cooked with fresh sea bass, crucian carp bone broth, and Sichuan peppers in a sophisticated way using pickled cabbages from Yunnan, Sichuan and Guangdong for their strong yet balanced flavour and crispness.

Shanghaiteng 1930

(No. LG05 & LG08, LG/F, Temple Mall North)


This classic Shanghainese diner serves the finest ingredients prepared with less oil and salt and no MSG. Treat your taste buds to flavourful delights such as sweet and sour pork and drunken chicken!

Jade Garden

(No. G12, G/F, Temple Mall North)


Four decades in catering have made Jade Garden a go-to restaurant for artisan Cantonese dishes and dim sum. You can savour the authentic Cantonese flavours with your loved ones with a wide range of well-crafted dishes, including the signature fish maw and conpoy dumpling in soup, steamed rice in lotus leaf with abalone, teppanyaki char siu and crispy pork cutlet with strawberry sauce, among other speciality dishes.

Apart from reunion meals, spring cleaning is also an essential Chinese New Year tradition. From groceries to home appliances and cleaning supplies, Temple Mall has got your festive shopping covered.


(No. G01B & G02A, G/F, Temple Mall North)

This Japanese mini-mart set foot in Hong Kong with its Temple Mall branch, offering a wide range of trending Japanese snacks, including its own branded munchies!


(No. G02B-G03A, G/F, Temple Mall North)


This gadget hub stocks a wide range of smart home products from Xiaomi, including air purifiers, robot vacuum mops, electric rice cookers, air fryers, induction cookers and more. Create your smart home and have all intelligent machines under control with just a few clicks on the Mi Home app.


(No. UG42, UG/F, Temple Mall South)


The huge catalogue of this 4,000-square-foot flagship store boasts a plethora of new brands and products, including popular Thai snacks, frozen food and cosmetics. Don’t forget to check out two newcomers in Hong Kong, namely the best-selling Thai cosmetics label 4U2 and silk scarf maker Kiss Me Doll. There are even limited pairs of handmade slippers and slip-ons from Thailand on offer! Visit this Hong Kong outlet to stock up for a New Year holiday with a Thai twist!

Terms and conditions apply. The programme is subject to change without prior notice.

For more details about the event, please visit .

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