Temple Mall Presents "A Date with Hanfu" – Get Immersed in Hanfu Restoration and Discover a Cultural Odyssey

Get immersed in Hanfu Restoration and discover a cultural odyssey

  • In collaboration with leading Hanfu research teams from Mainland China and Hong Kong, Temple Mall exhibits millennia-old Hanfu restoration
  • Presenting an unparalleled visual spectacle of Hanfu with the Global Hanfu Model Competition – Hong Kong Division
  • Featuring exclusive pop-up stores curated by "Intangible Cultural Heritage Craft Masters" at the Summer Hanfu Market

HONG KONG, July 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — With a lineage stretching back millennia, Huaxia’s culture is deeply ingrained in Hanfu, its historical attire. Today, Hanfu continues to captivate hearts because of its timeless elegance. Temple Mall, always promotes cultural heritage, is launching "A Date with Hanfu" from 8 July to 27 August. Hanfu research groups from both Hong Kong and Mainland China have collaborated to bring the exquisite Hanfu culture to life at the Mall. With the support of professional restoration teams, Hanfu’s cultural significance will be rediscovered with the fusion of refined textile artisanship and meticulous pattern restoration. The Mall will also host a nostalgic "Journey Through Ancient Times" photo spot, a bustling summer Hanfu market, and the annual Global Hanfu Model Competition, promising to showcase Huaxia’s captivating charm.

Temple Mall launches “A Date with Hanfu” campaign and showcase three rare, historically significant restored Hanfu pieces.
Temple Mall launches “A Date with Hanfu” campaign and showcase three rare, historically significant restored Hanfu pieces.

In a pioneering collaboration, Temple Mall has orchestrated a symphony of Hanfu-themed activities with Link CentralWalk in Shenzhen. Bringing together  Hanfu communities from Guangdong and Hong Kong, Link CentralWalk will host a Hanfu market and parade in Shenzhen on 8 and 9 July, while Temple Mall will present a cornucopia of Hanfu activities from 8 July to 27 August. In celebration of the event, both venues are offering visitors limited-time gifts and exclusive merchant discounts.

Gary Fok, Link’s Managing Director, Leasing (HK), said, "With the tourism industry beginning to rebound, we are seeing visitors exploring local life and cultural experiences more deeply. Temple Mall, as well as some other Link’s shopping malls, have become tourist hotspots. Link’s shopping malls in Hong Kong and Shenzhen will work together for the first time to jointly host Hanfu-themed activities, showcasing traditional Hanfu culture through exhibitions, markets, and interactive workshops. With this unique series of events, we hope to  provide visitors with an unforgettable journey and stimulate engagement between the two regions."

Take a closer look at three restored Hanfu treasures

Temple Mall is collaborating with The Chinese Ensemble Reproduction Group (CERG) and the Chinese Culture And Hanfu Hong Kong Association to showcase three rare, historically significant restored Hanfu pieces. An exquisite Tang Dynasty Dunhuang Donor Attire, a Tang Dynasty Lady’s Straight-Collar Hand-Painted Floral Long Skirt, and a unique Han Dynasty embroidered Quju unearthed from the Mawangdui Han Tomb in Changsha will be on display. With these intricate restorations, the Mall hopes to provide the public with an opportunity to appreciate traditional Hanfu attire’s sublime beauty and profound cultural value.

Recreating historical icons: An engaging journey through time

In addition to the Hanfu restoration exhibit, Temple Mall is partnering with the Hong Kong Hanfu Group – Danqing Hanfu, to meticulously recreate the Hanfu attire of eight illustrious figures from Chinese history. Among them are China’s Four Beauties – Wang Zhaojun, Yang Guifei, Xi Shi, and Diaochan; strategic maestros Zhou Yu and Zhuge Liang from the Three Kingdoms, Su Shi, a revered literati of the Song Dynasty, and Tang Bohu, a brilliant scholar of the Ming Dynasty.

The Danqing Chengnan Hanfu Society will parade these eight meticulously restored Hanfu costumes on 31 July. Their journey will begin with an appearance at The Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong 2023, where they will showcase the elegance of traditional Hanfu on stage for anime enthusiasts. During their return route, they will visit the Temple Mall and Sik Sik Yuen, interacting and engaging with the public.

An immersive journey through past and present with photo spots and workshops

A visually striking "Journey Through Ancient Times" interactive zone has been created on the first and second floors of Temple Mall North. There are miniature bridges, serene waterways, historic ships, and classic Chinese courtyards to explore. In the "Hanfu House", visitors can don free Hanfu attire and take stunning photos in this poetic setting or against captivating backdrops within the house itself, giving their photographs a magical time-travelling feel.

During the weekends, the Mall is alive with ancient-style workshops and traditional games. Visitors can create their own classical sachets or bring ancient fans to life with qualifying purchases. A variety of Chinese music performances and demonstrations of the art of sugar crafting will further enhance your experience on select days.

Liyihuaxia Hanfu Model Competition – Hong Kong Division

The initial round of the Global Hanfu Model Competition, Hong Kong division of the prestigious fifth Liyihuaxia Hanfu Model Competition,  will take place at Temple Mall on 4 August. Top finalists from Hong Kong will have the exclusive opportunity to advance to the grand finals on the Mainland. Contestants are evaluated based on four primary criteria: etiquette, gait, physique, and aesthetic.

This is the second iteration of the Hong Kong division organised by the Chinese Culture And Hanfu Hong Kong Association. The event demonstrates the association’s unwavering commitment to promoting cultural heritage and the Hanfu culture, aiming to "elevate Huaxia aesthetics on the fashion runway and reintroduce the splendour of Hanfu culture to the public". This is a golden opportunity for Hanfu enthusiasts to showcase their most refined and elegant personas.

Han Market: A grand assembly of intangible cultural heritage crafts in summer

Temple Mall North’s first floor will host Hong Kong’s unique Han-Style Summer market from 18 to 19 July. This marketplace is a treasure trove of limited-edition shops managed by "Intangible Cultural Heritage Craft Masters". Besides traditional hand-crafted items such as heritage Chinese ribbon flowers and handmade floral crowns, the market will also feature workshops on tea ceremonies and incense burning, two of the four arts of the Song Dynasty literati.

Classic traditional snacks, including Dragon’s Beard Candy, Tanghulu (Candied Hawthorn Stick), and glutinous rice balls, can be redeemed by shoppers at the market for free with their purchases. A free Hanfu try-on session will further immerse visitors in Hanfu culture.

  • Temple Mall "A Date with Hanfu"
  • Event Dates: 8 July to 27 August 2023
  • Event Time: 11 am to 10 pm
  • Venue:  Temple Mall North

Terms and conditions apply. The programme is subject to change without prior notice.

For more details about the event, please visit: Linkhk.com

Download photos: https://bit.ly/3JNf4xH

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Source: Temple Mall Presents "A Date with Hanfu" – Get Immersed in Hanfu Restoration and Discover a Cultural Odyssey