The 10 most vegan-friendly and future-ready cities in the world

SINGAPORE, Nov. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — abillion, the world’s fastest growing platform for reviewing plant-based food and products, has assessed global cities based on how much they have embraced plant-based lifestyles, their commitment to green policies, as well as greenhouse gas emissions and waste generation. This research has helped us determine the 10 best cities in the world for conscious citizens. We call them our Cities of the Future.

Cities of the Future 2022

  1. London, United Kingdom
  2. Los Angeles, United States of America
  3. Barcelona, Spain
  4. Melbourne, Australia 
  5. Singapore, Singapore
  6. Johannesburg, South Africa
  7. Toronto, Canada 
  8. New York City, United States of America
  9. Berlin, Germany
  10. Cape Town, South Africa 

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Where we live matters today more than ever. The highly mobile Generation Z especially—as well as many Millennials—have placed personal well-being as important as professional success. For these new generations, ethics, commitments to causes, diversity and inclusion, and especially sustainable options and services are driving where this woke generation wants to live.

The Cities of the Future report was based on 850,000 authentic user reviews contributed by 32,000 members from 150 countries and 6,000 cities. The final score is then computed from four categories: plant-based living (50 percent), the city’s policy commitment (30 percent), greenhouse gas emissions (10 percent) and waste generated (10 percent).

"Around 6,000 cities were considered but only 54 cities made the initial cut. In light of the COP 26 climate summit where nature took center stage, our report highlights how leading cities around the world have been making strides to being kinder on the planet and its residents — human and animal alike." states Vikas Garg, CEO & Founder, abillion.

For more insights into each of the 10 cities that have been recognized as a City of the Future, please read the report here:

About abillion

At abillion, we’re working to drive a global movement for plant-based food and earth-friendly products. abillion is a digital platform that assists people that want to make sustainable choices. Using the abillion app, members can discover vegan food and vegan and cruelty-free products. abillion, launched in 2018 by CEO Vikas Garg, is unique in harnessing social media for social good. Whenever a member chooses sustainably and shares a review, abillion donates $1 to a life-saving cause which the member can choose through the app. abillion has donated almost $1m to life-saving causes around the world.


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Source: The 10 most vegan-friendly and future-ready cities in the world