The Birth of Arts on the Move

Arts on the Move is a public arts programme initiated by Think City, in collaboration with Prasarana Malaysia Berhad, designed to bring a range of arts and culture activities to KL’s rail transport system. Think City Programme Manager, SUSIE KUKATHAS, tells us why the project will benefit the city-dweller.


A cultural group performing the traditional art of Dikir Barat at the Masjid Jamek Station to an enthralled audience. Image courtesy of Think City.

Every day hundreds of thousands of commuters travel by car, bus and train to the different parts of Kuala Lumpur and beyond for work, study and play. In bringing arts to the people, Think City in partnership with Prasarana Malaysia Berhad, plans not only to foster an appreciation for the arts, but also to provide some reprieve for the weary city-dweller.

In order to capture the attention of a lot of people, hosting an arts programme at a busy train station actually makes a lot of sense. The story begins with the Masjid Jamek station.

Kieron Brodie speaks to Susie Kukathas who manages and curates the Arts on the Move programme:

Susie Kukathas, Programme Manager, Think City. Photo courtesy Susie Kukathas.


Listen to our conversation with Susie here:

Resonance’ was the first art exhibition by Studio DL, played along the walls of the Masjid Jamek station. Photo by Maya Tan.
Behind-the-Scenes: a glimpse of the Studio DL team, creating the photography for ‘Resonance’. Image courtesy Studio DL.
Crowds, enraptured by an Arts on the Move performance. Photo by Susie Kukathas.
The Mahadivya Dance company performing at Arts on the Move. Photo by Think City.

Arts on the Move wrapped up its last show in September 2018 and is currently in need of funding in order to continue. Click here to contribute!

This story was first published under the now-defunct “Think City Channel”.

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