The Sound of Qinchuan Never Fades丨When Foreigners Meet Zhouzhi's Qinqiang Opera

ZHOUZHI, China, June 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A report from CRI Online: 



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The sonorous sound of Qinchuan instantly unleashes the momentum of a vast host of infantry and cavalry. The loud voices in singing Qinqiang Opera amplify the vigor of mountains and rivers… Inherited by 30 million residents on the 248-mile (800 li) Qinchuan land, Qinqiang Opera boasts a long history and has experienced more ambitious metamorphosis in the new era.

As a cultural symbol of Shaanxi, Qinqiang Opera has different opinions on its origin. According to a clear historical document, the earliest Qinqiang Opera troupe in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) was the Huaqing Troupe (also known as Zhang’s Troupe) founded by Zhouzhi people. Since then, Qinqiang Opera troupes have gained extreme popularity among all people, old and young. Hence Qinqiang Opera was deeply rooted in this native land, witnessing the vicissitudes over the past more than 500 years.

In 1935, the Zhouzhi County Troupe was established on the basis of Zhang’s Troupe. Since then, this unique opera has been revitalized once again by a lot of enthusiastic artists in the Three Qins land (Shaanxi).

Qinqiang Opera, the original Qin’s art, has been stretched so far. Generations of Zhouzhi people prioritized the spreading and inheritance of the Qinqiang Opera art. They carried forward the everlasting art performance on the stage while planning for its sustainability off the stage.

In Zhouzhi County Art Vocational School, those passionate students keep learning the basic skills of Qinqiang Opera, like figure training and singing practice, day by day. At the celebration sites such as temple fairs and festival shows, the shouts of Qinqiang Opera performers on the stage are always echoed with cheers from the audience. The endless resonance propels the thriving development of Zhouzhi’s Qinqiang Opera. It has become the cultural heritage and genes of the people living in Shaanxi.

Recently, to better appreciate the charm of Qinqiang Opera, Mohamed Jihad Mohamed Moustafa (Chinese name: Liu Zhengxi), an Egyptian boy and Podareva Anastasia (Chinese name: Tang Xilan), a Russian poetess, who both love traditional Chinese culture, travelled thousands of miles to Zhouzhi County, Shaanxi Province to learn Qinqiang Opera and have an immersive experience of the whole process of performance. Let’s look at what they do!

Source: The Sound of Qinchuan Never Fades丨When Foreigners Meet Zhouzhi's Qinqiang Opera