Tianfu Software Park introduces the emerging industries from the view of four young people

CHENGDU, China, Nov. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The reporter interviewed four young people who are working for emerging enterprises in Chengdu Tianfu Software Park and listened to their stories about emerging industries.

With the popularization of the internet and the development of new economy, the industrial structure nowadays is undergoing great changes. Due to diversified social needs, a variety of emerging industries spring up exuberantly. Just like a mirror, emerging industries reflect the further optimization and upgrading of China’s economic structure. What are new connotations and characteristics of new industries emerging with the new economy tide when compared with traditional industries? What kind of value will they create for society? What are their prospects and trends?

Mobile Game Test: The Low Threshold Indicates a Higher Requirement for Constant Self-improvement

An idea might occur to you when you were once being tortured by work and study: How nice it would be if my job is playing games. In today’s world, such job does exist. People who do this kind of work are called game testers. They test developed games to detect bugs.

Zhang Song is a professional mobile game tester working for TestBird. During 6 years of working in the industry, he has used more than 20,000 mobile phones of over 100 brands and played thousands of mobile games on the market, earning himself the nickname "The Little Prince of Mobile Games". "There are a variety of mobile phones on the market, and a mobile game that runs smoothly on one phone may not function well on other phones. A good player experience must be based on the test on mobile phones of various types," said Zhang Song.

Zhang Song joined the company in 2013 when TestBird was founded. Shortly after the company was founded, Zhang Song and his team undertook a project of testing 1,000 games within half a year in 2014. At that time, there were only 10 team members and Zhang Song alone undertook and completed over half of the game tests. After six years of development, Zhang Song’s mobile game test team has more than 100 members. For time-sensitive projects, they are capable of giving feedback on the customer’s test requirements within 24 hours.

In fact, many famous game producers and designers in the game industry start their career as game testers. "We specialize in different aspects. If you are adept at programming, you can program test tools to improve the efficiency of the test team; if you have experience with level design, you can transfer to another position like a level designer." According to Zhang Song, the game test industry is not as easy and simple as we think, and game testers need to enhance themselves continuously. Only after accumulating enough working experience or mastering a certain professional skill in the testing department can a game tester have a brighter future and seek for further development in the game industry.

Game Design: Inwardness Derives from Long-term Accumulation

The endless blue sea, warships sailing in waters, mercenaries fighting against each other, pristine beaches, vibrant cities, snow-capped mountains and deep Aegean Sea‚Ķ These are scenes from the game "Assassin’s Creed Odyssey". The game background is set in ancient Greece. At the beginning of the design, in order to display the real ancient Greece to the greatest extent, Jiang Anqi, a level designer, and his team visited museums, consulted historians and books, and studied a large number of myths and history of ancient Greece to explore interesting points and added them to the game plot.

"Assassin’s Creed series reconstruct big moments and places in human history and show ancient and brilliant civilizations of mankind. Thus, game developers need to thoroughly comprehend the core and essence of the history." In Jiang Anqi’s view, for a game growing out of nothing, the most critical step is the original concept. It does not come out in a flash but is a result of time-consuming study and research. Only when the scale of your knowledge base is big enough can it be available at any time.

Jiang Anqi, Level Design Supervisor of UBISOFT (Chengdu), majored in radio frequency communication at university and now is studying how to reconstruct the history and social civilizations of different countries in the game. For him, the two are not contradictory but complement each other. "Game design requires collaboration of left hemisphere and right hemisphere. The former processes art and beauty, while the latter handles logical scripts and data structures. All of these cannot be separated from the thinking training of the engineering courses during my time at the university." Jiang Anqi said that in order to design a high-quality game, the designer must have a deep understanding of game content through profound and extensive study for the sake of exploring the essence of human history and culture and displaying them in entertainment products. In his opinion, the inwardness of content determines the quality and life of a game, and high-quality games are the future trend in the game industry.

There are a variety of games on the market today, including console games, network terminal games and a large number of mobile games. In this diversified game market, vendors’ focus on traffic and data leads to the influx of "hot money". Many games become homogenized and quickly hit a bottleneck. "Actually, some players in the Chinese market have turned to pursue games of higher quality." Jiang Anqi told the reporter that the Chinese game industry market has lacked high quality games for a long time. As inwardness is the core of quality games, the development of a new game requires large amount of knowledge accumulation and deep understanding of the designer, and players can learn some knowledge while playing games. However, games based on short-term traffic and data cannot achieve such effect.

Study of Progenitor Sources: Help More People "Find Their Roots and Relatives"

Two milliliters of saliva can be used to match a family tree in the gene bank and help individuals look for relatives. What Chengdu 23Mofang Bio-tech Company does is an amazing and meaningful job, that is, helping people "find their roots and relatives". More colloquially, they are specialized in detecting progenitor sources.

According to the Chinese genetic data grasped by 23mofang as well as the analysis and calculation of existing historical data, there are 220,000 family trees in China since the Ming Dynasty, about 25% of which cover nearly 70% of the Chinese population. By May 2019, 23mofang has completed the digitization of 4,650 family trees, covering 8% of the Chinese population. It is expected that, by the end of 2019, 23mofang will have completed the digitization of 34,000 family trees, covering 60% of the Chinese population.

"Digitizing tens of thousands of family trees is no easy task because the rules of compiling a family tree are so complex that only those of us with history knowledge are capable of reading and copying them." Zhou Wentao, who majors in history, is a progenitor source researcher of 23mofang. In his opinion, this job is tailored for him. "Progenitor source research is a silent job and our main task is to search for family trees in archives center, read and record genealogy data, and then upload it electronically to the database." Through gene detection by 23mofang, men with their own genes and women with their fathers’ genes can indirectly find their families and relatives lost for many years as long as their genes match digitalized family trees.

"The male-specific Y chromosome is relatively stable, with only one gene mutation occurring every 140 years. This is the reason why genes are used for family tree detection and matching," Zhou Wentao said that the Y chromosome "transferred to the male instead of the female" is similar to Chinese people’s historical habit of taking father’s surname, which is the reason why the family tree can be linked to gene detection. After family trees and Y chromosome genes of descendants are digitized and saved in the sample database, matching users with family trees can be realized by gene detection.

In Zhou Wentao’s view, 23mofang’s work is to help users complete life digitization through genetic detection. However, the function of life digitization is far more than "finding their roots and relatives". Zhou Kun, founder of 23mofang, told the reporter that in the future, 23mofang will build a gene database oriented to the whole industry and explore more innovative application scenarios of gene detection, such as genetic risk unlocking, drug response and disease prediction with users and industry counterparts. It will also promote the progress of the pharmaceutical industry and life science, practically improve people’s living and life quality, and benefit people with life data.

Intelligent Sports: Help More People Do Exercises in a Scientific Manner

"This is your training course for today." "Raise your arms a little higher." "Go for it. Carry on!" Will you think these are instructions given by a fitness room coach? In fact, they are not! This is a training course tailored for users by Codoon AI virtual coach. After learning about the user’s "small goal" of fitness, the AI virtual coach will provide an appropriate training plan according to the user’s basic situation and always accompany the user like a personal trainer, guiding movements and encouraging and urging the user to complete the training.

It is not easy for an AI virtual coach to make a successful "debut". In addition to the support of big data and AI technology of internet, systematical scientific knowledge and outcomes of moving body research are also necessary, which requires consultations with professional sports science experts. Zhao Renkang, Product Manager of Codoon sports courses, is a sports science teacher backing the AI virtual coach.

Zhao Renkang, with a master’s degree, majored in human movement science at university. According to traditional career planning after graduation, he could be a coach in the fitness room or stay in sports colleges and research institutions to do sports science research. As Zhao Renkang was interested in internet, he came to Codoon, an internet company, three years ago and decided to stay here. "Internet is the development trend of the era. The combination of my knowledge about human movement science with internet technology will enjoy a great prospect," said Zhao Renkang.

"There has been a pain spot in doing exercises. Even if with a goal, many people do not know how to do exercises properly or whether their movements are standard or effective." Zhao Renkang said what Codoon wants to do is to provide users with offline personal virtual coaches. Based on the big data of users’ height, weight, heart rate, sports information and others, we take into consideration solid scientific research results to divide users to specific groups and generate customized training plans; then we build a standard movement model and track motions via a sensor to determine whether the user’s movements are standard or not.

The generation of the training plan or the establishment of the motion model is based on Zhao Renkang’s knowledge about human movement science. "I act as an expert adviser. What kind of training plan is reasonable? What kind of movement is standard? We need to apply the basic knowledge of human movement science to provide solutions, according to the needs of users." In Zhao Renkang’s view, the productization of human movement science via internet and AI technology is the embodiment of future intelligent sports and life, and it is also a way to achieve self-worth. "If I work as a coach in the fitness room, I can only instruct a dozen or twenty students at most. With the help of the system, I can satisfy sports training needs of thousands of people. In this case, more people can do exercise in a more scientific and efficient manner, which makes the most of my knowledge about human movement science."


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