West China's Chongqing Yubei makes one feel at home and connected with the outside world

CHONGQING, China, Oct. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Yubei District of west China’s Chongqing Municipality is a place where one can feel like at home and connected with the outside world. Yubei is rich in natural landscapes reminiscent of one’s hometown memories.

As part of the 2020 Chongqing Showcase, a livestreaming campaign to promote local tourism and cultural products was held on Oct. 22. The performance is livestreamed on sixteen platforms, according to the Publicity Department of Yubei District. West China’s Chongqing Yubei makes one feel at home and connected with the outside world.

Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport in Yubei is one of China’s eight major regional hub airports. Among the daily departures and arrivals are the enthusiasm of people to chase their dreams at home or in other regions.

Since Chongqing became a municipality directly administered by the central government, nearly 1 million people have come to Yubei to invest, start businesses and settle down.

Intelligent manufacturing is booming in the district, with service platforms, public innovation space and scientific innovation bases working together to nurture entrepreneurship. Ecological parks are scattered all over the place, with various large-scale exhibitions and cultural activities. Fashion elements abound here, and the modern consumption corridor has become a new area for urban consumption in Yubei, a smart and vibrant city.

Landscapes reminiscent of hometown views are everywhere in the countryside while the modern feel is robust in the city. In March, plum flowers blossom in Yinhe, cherry blossoms flourish in Yungui Mountain and pear flowers are in full bloom in Fangniuping. The green mine park is intoxicating with freshness. Known as a natural museum, the Tongjing scenic area covers mountains, water, forests, springs and gorges. Here one can watch the impressive scene of monkeys crossing the river and enjoy both physical and mental relaxation in hot springs… This is Yubei, where scenes of childhood memories could be found.

Authentic time-honored Bayu delicacies and local snacks could also be found in the countryside. The taste of home could be experienced not only in the countryside landscape, but also on the tip of the tongue and in the heart. Here, one can taste the smooth and tender meat of Yubei boiled fish, the local soft bean curd and a special nutritious rice. This is Yubei, a paradise for foodies.

Yubei is also home to various modern industries as well as intangible cultural heritages that has been passed down for a hundred years. One can enjoy the prosperity as well as tranquility of the city, or the nostalgic and idyllic scenery. Yubei is the gateway connecting Chongqing with the world and the window to showcase the municipality. It’s an ideal land to realize one’s dream and settle down.

Welcome to Yubei, an idyllic and modern place.

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Source: West China's Chongqing Yubei makes one feel at home and connected with the outside world