XCharge North America's Smart DC Charger Uplevels EV Solution in New Kent

Working to electrify travel corridors, XCharge North America deploys their DCFC solution in one of America’s EV charging deserts

NEW KENT, Va., June 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — XCharge North America has installed a DC Fast charging (DCFC) port option replacement at the Colonial Downs Pit Stop on I-64 in New Kent, Virginia, replacing the existing equipment with an XCharge unit, demonstrating that solutions need to be built for the existing North American electrical grid.

This Smart DC Charger station will provide up to 95kW of charge rate, allowing for most transiting EVs vehicles to be charged within 30 minutes. While the infrastructure for installment has existed, the cost associated with installation has been the biggest obstacle to further investment until now.

In partnership with Virginia Clean Cities, XCharge North America is working to upgrade the EV charging services and electrify the travel corridor in New Kent, to bring accessible charging to one of America’s most barren charging deserts. New Kent lies halfway between the Richmond area and Williamsburg, two major hubs with constant traffic towards popular attractions such as the Outer Banks and Virginia Beach.

"Through our partnership, XCharge North America is contributing to a sustainable electric vehicle ecosystem in Virginia by successfully implementing accessible charging stations," says Mathew Wade, Deputy Director of Virginia Clean Cities. "This project will demonstrate the success of EV charging within New Kent and will pave the way for more installations. The relationship between XCharge North America, the Pit Stop and VCC is built on the hope that the charger will live there forever, based on the revenue that can be generated from it."

XCharge North America is demonstrating that implementing EV charging infrastructure doesn’t have to be a laborious and tedious task, with no ROI in sight. A DCFC can deliver key results and lower the initial cost for smaller or local business owners, such as the Pit Stop stations, all while delivering an ROI from EV charging. This kind of collaboration is a great opportunity for small, regional players who know the local area and can respond to the needs of its residents. Introducing Level-3 fast chargers in consumer-friendly areas will increase EV adoption, reduce carbon/greenhouse emissions, and financially support local businesses.

Catherine Green, Senior Brand Manager at Pit Stop, describes that "More and more people are starting to use electric cars, and as we are off I-64, it’s crucial we have accessible charging for our customers. Through this collaboration with XCharge North America and VCC, we will get a more accurate look at demand, and see if we can implement additional units at some of our other locations that are highly visible on the interstate."

"The electrification of this major corridor serves as the perfect example for bringing accessible EV charging across the U.S." explains Aatish Patel, President and co-founder of XCharge North America. "Without accessible charging along this corridor and many others, EV drivers could become stranded, or worse. This installation in New Kent, as well as an upcoming deployment in Middleburg, demonstrates the need for democratization of EV charging and access along these highway corridors, especially in high-demand areas."

About XCharge North America

XCharge North America is a high-power intelligent charging solutions provider, developing UL-compliant EV charging products specifically designed for the North American electrical grid. XCharge North America is focused on enabling superior EV charging by applying "hardware + software" solutions to allow for a streamlined experience. XCharge North America emerged to support customers in maximizing charge revenue while reducing maintenance and installation costs.


XCharge North America Contact: Alex Urist, Vice President

PR Contact: Matthew Burrows with The Hoffman Agency


The C6AM DCFC attracted electric car owners who go to charge after successful installation
The C6AM DCFC attracted electric car owners who go to charge after successful installation

Source: XCharge North America's Smart DC Charger Uplevels EV Solution in New Kent