Yangtze Three Gorges International Tourism Festival kicks off in Wanzhou

CHONGQING, China, Dec. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The 11th China Yangtze Three Gorges International Tourism Festival kicked off on November 19, 2020 in Wanzhou, in China’s southwestern Chongqing municipality, in an effort to lure tourists to visit the heartland at the Three Gorges Reservoir area with its picturesque river banks, artistic beauty and exuberant culture, according to Wanzhou District Publicity Department.

As an important part of the Tourism Festival events, musicians and performers from home and abroad staged a stunning performance on December 10, 2020 at a music gala dedicated to the Earth’s great rivers, featuring songs and dances, and a beautiful night scene of the city at the shores of Ping Lake.

Apart from the performances, the gala presented the audience with a city of glittering lights surrounded by mountains and rivers, against a backdrop of an elaborate stage setting, which spoke volumes about the well-balanced conservation of natural scenery and urban development.

The event culminated with a group of artists singing the song We Are the World, accompanied by one thousand drones flying over the lake synchronously and arraying in different patterns to celebrate this occasion. It also demonstrated, in a broad sense, China’s determination to pursue a community with shared future for mankind, and the major achievements Wanzhou has made in key areas such as ecological conservation, further opening-up, and the efforts to enable people to lead a happier life.

The Three Gorges Dam, an important engineering project in the country, has changed Wanzhou’s geographical features from a historically river town surrounded by mountains to a lakeside one, thanks to the reservoir. The biggest immigrant city in the reservoir area, with its 175-meter water mark, has seen much change in recent years.

It was a history-saturated city. The Bell Tower in the West Hill witnessed Wanzhou embarking on a path of opening up over the path century; The Three Gorges Memorial (Wanzhou Museum) situated across the river recorded the evolution of an immigrant city.

Wanzhou’s rich diversity of natural and cultural resources remained its competitive advantage in developing tourism sector, including the 64.5-meter high waterfall, Ping Lake, Henghe Resort in the Three Gorges area and more. Added to these nature’s beauty are abundant local cuisine and souvenirs you can’t miss, from noodles, grilled fish and beef jerky, to wooden comb and local embroidery.

Wanzhou will be a wonderful place to explore the Three Gorges Dams and more. Let’s meet in Wanzhou, explore the Three Gorges Dams and embark on a wonderful travelling experience.

For more information, please visit http://www.wz.gov.cn/.

Source: Yangtze Three Gorges International Tourism Festival kicks off in Wanzhou