Yili Sheds Light on Healthy Ageing at the Growth Asia Summit 2022

SINGAPORE, Oct. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On October 11, Yili Group was invited to deliver a keynote speech at the Growth Asia Summit in Singapore, where the dairy producer shared insights on the role dairy can play in healthy ageing in APAC.

Dr. Philip Wescombe, R&D Manager at Yili Group, explained that the key to Yili’s approach to healthy aging is understanding the important role of good nutrition at all ages. As a consumer-centric company driven by the motto of "no innovation, no future", Yili is committed to developing products that cater to the needs of all consumers at all life stages and scenarios, to ensure that no one is left behind in enjoying a healthy life.

All-round nutritional support for consumers at all life stages

To understand and meet the diverse nutritional requirements of its consumers, Yili has carried out many studies on the needs of different age groups.

This year, Yili supported the China Population Welfare Foundation to publish a comprehensive report that provides professional dietary guidance for various groups.

In addition, Yili, in collaboration with Peking University, conducted in-depth analysis of the original data collected from the four-year "Survey on Dietary Nutrition and the Health Status of Adults Across Eight Cities in China" and has used this information to develop products targeted at alleviating or preventing metabolic disease.

To extend the nutritional benefits of dairy products to more consumers, Yili’s R&D team launched China’s first SHUHUA Lactose-Free Milk to cater to those who are lactose intolerant. Meanwhile, with rich dietary fiber content, Yili’s XinHuo milk powder supplements the nutritional needs of adult consumers by balancing the body’s blood glucose levels and supporting the regulation of bodily functions.

Research-driven innovation

Dr. Wescombe also shared Yili’s innovative practices for developing probiotic products in his keynote speech.

Drawing from the resources of its global innovation network, Yili has developed four platforms covering the entire value chain. These four platforms involve the establishment of a resource bank of probiotic strains, the development and clinical evaluation of probiotic functions, the application of probiotic strains and fermentation technology, and the processing of strains and quality control, respectively.

BL-99, which had been isolated from the intestines of healthy Chinese infants, is the first probiotic bacterial strain independently developed by Yili following 10 years of scientific research. The strain has proved to be effective in promoting digestion, regulating intestinal flora, assisting bone health, and enhancing immunity, and has been added to Yixiao yogurt, Yili Cheese Bar for Kids, and NOC xujinhuan ice cream.

This June, Yili introduced a BL-99 probiotics product customized for people over 45. Combined with GABA and dual-prebiotics, the product is designed to help maintain the balance of intestinal flora.

To date, Yili has established 15 R&D and innovation centers worldwide and actively engages to build a global health ecosystem. Adhering to its vision of "World Integrally Sharing Health", Yili is dedicated to developing products to provide better nutritional outcomes for consumers around the world.

Source: Yili Sheds Light on Healthy Ageing at the Growth Asia Summit 2022