Your Cities at Eye Level

How often do we fail to really see the places we call home? We often take the spaces we occupy for granted – ignoring the pothole we walk around every day, or tuning out the neighbour who forgotten folk songs every morning.

As Asian cities shift and turn their focus towards human scale developments and better quality public spaces, The City at Eye Level Asia is a book that showcases a collection of inspiring case studies on good public spaces as the backbone of sustainable cities across the region.

Supported by Think City, the book was launched virtually on 27 October, 2020 with a roundtable discussion between some of the books curators and collaborators, including Charlot Schans, Hans Karssenberg, Ester van Steekelenburg, Stephanie Cheung and Think City Managing Director Hamdan Abdul Majeed.

“As part of a community of urban practitioners, we have long felt that Asian cities have much to contribute to the global urban narrative and so, here is a book that offers antidotes to 21st century urban challenges, and excellence in creating city spaces for people,” said Hamdan. “The aim of the book is to inspire and provide reference to innovative solutions for great cities at eye level with an Asian perspective.”

A collection of 43 case studies, spread over 15 countries throughout Asia, the book covers projects in Singapore, Asahikawa, Hanoi, Mumbai and more. The City at Eye Level Asia brings you key insights and lessons learned from Asia’s front-runners in creative and community-led placemaking, heritage revitalization and place-led development, that are inspiring more future-proof places for people. 

Read more about the City At Eye Level program and download a free copy of The City at Eye Level Asia, as well as previous open source editions of the book series, at

Hardcopies of the book are available for pre-order via local bookstores in Malaysia and online via Shopify.

You can watch the launch video on Facebook here.

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