Zhongshan Chenxinghai Hospital, Hong Kong Integrated Oncology Centre and healthcare distributor DCH Auriga partner to provide Hong Kong-approved medical treatments to GBA patients

HONG KONG, March 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On 2 March 2022, Zhongshan Chenxinghai Hospital, a leading Hong Kong cancer treatment centre, Hong Kong Integrated Oncology Centre ("HKIOC"), and healthcare distributor DCH Auriga announced their strategic cooperation in support of a National State Council initiative to help patients in the Hong Kong-Guangzhou-Macao Greater Bay Area ("GBA") access pharmaceuticals and medical devices that are fully approved for use in Hong Kong but not registered in mainland China.

The three partners expressed their immense support for the groundbreaking initiative which will promote greater connectivity across the region, benefitting both patients and the medical community. Under the scheme which began in August 2021, GBA doctors can prescribe treatments used in Hong Kong’s public hospitals to local patients with urgent need on a case-by-case basis. In addition to providing new care options, case reports can be applied towards clinical trial requirements to help facilitate the treatment’s eventual registration and adoption across mainland China. There are likely more than 200 treatments with the potential to qualify under the scheme with nearly 25 medicines and medical devices already approved by the Food and Drug Administration and Health Commission of Guangdong Province, including advanced cancer treatments.

Under the strategic partnership, DCH Auriga and HKIOC will support Zhongshan Chenxinghai Hospital to offer the newly available treatments, with Auriga supporting the product supply chain and HKIOC sharing its expertise through joint Multi-Disciplinary Teams for individual cases. With two new oral cancer medicines already being offered to Zhongshan Chenxinghai patients, the partners share a goal of introducing 10 of the newly approved treatments at the hospital during the year.

"Zhongshan Chenxinghai Hospital is fully committed to providing the highest level of support and medical care to our patients," said Chief Executive Officer, Dr Huang Zhihao. "Embracing this visionary scheme, we have actively engaged strategic  partners like DCH Auriga and HKIOC to build a network of support, develop new expertise and offer the newly available treatments as quickly as possible."

During the press briefing, Chief Executive Officer of HKIOC, Mr KK Tong confirmed the Hong Kong oncology leader’s commitment to the knowledge exchange, "We have successfully established Multi-Disciplinary Teams using teleconsultations and have identified several areas where cross disciplinary sharing can have a positive impact on oncology patient care."

Mr Richard Holloway, the head of DCH Auriga’s Greater China business, emphasised the company’s dedication to building partnerships in the region in support of the new scheme,"As a healthcare distributor that works closely with Hong Kong’s public and private health system as well as leading global pharmaceutical companies, DCH Auriga has extensive experience not only managing medical supply chains, but in supporting ethical advocacy programs and product registration. We are uniquely positioned to facilitate information sharing, the application process and the physical supply chain in support of this important initiative."

In February 2022, Auriga also launched GBAHealthConnect.com, an interactive platform where the cross-boundary medical community can learn more about the initiative and the participation process, as well as review clinical information about newly approved treatments.

Ultimately, the three partners hope their collaboration will improve patient outcomes, provide a model for the initiative’s adoption across GBA cities and contribute towards the shared vision of a "Healthy Bay Area."

About Zhongshan Chenxinghai Hospital

Zhongshan Chenxinghai Hospital was founded in 1958. It was donated by Mr Chen Xinghai, titled as honorable citizen in Zhongshan and the honorary chairman of the Association of Zhongshan Siulamese in Hong Kong. It is a level-3 hospital integrating Traditional Chinese and Western medicine. The hospital offers 1,100 beds, has 1.1 million outpatient attendances and nearly 40,000 inpatient discharges annually. The comprehensive scientific research and teaching strengths of hospital rank among the top in the city, its provincial specialists include oncology, respiratory, and preventive treatment of diseases. It has been awarded for more than 50 honours, such as "Hundred Civilized Hospitals of Guangdong Province" and "Zhongshan Medical Quality Management Excellent Unit".

About Hong Kong Integrated Oncology Centre

Established in 2015, the Hong Kong Integrated Oncology Centre (HKIOC) and the Hong Kong Integrated Diagnostic Imaging Centre have been dedicated to providing quality and holistic multidisciplinary specialist services for cancer diagnosis, treatment and wellness services. Since 2016, HKIOC has forged a strategic partnership with the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Oncology Centre (HKAHOC), introducing the concept of daycare cancer treatment that entails integrated services across disciplines. Cancer patients could choose to receive treatment in HKIOC’s daycare centre at their convenience, and be referred to HKAHOC located in Stubbs Road if needed. With a range of state-of-the-art radiotherapy including TomoTherapy and Y-90 radioembolization, HKAHOC provides quality in-patient services and emergency hospital care.

About DCH Auriga

DCH Auriga, a subsidiary of Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited and CITIC Limited (0267.HK), is an Asia-based market management provider specialising in healthcare. Offering comprehensive commercial and logistics solutions, DCH Auriga partners with the world’s leading healthcare companies to distribute pharmaceuticals, medical devices, surgical equipment, diagnostics and OTC products for more than 1,600 brands into hospitals, pharmacies and specialty stores across Asia. DCH Auriga has operations in Hong Kong, Macao, mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam and the Philippines. For more details, please visit www.dchauriga.com.

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Source: Zhongshan Chenxinghai Hospital, Hong Kong Integrated Oncology Centre and healthcare distributor DCH Auriga partner to provide Hong Kong-approved medical treatments to GBA patients