920 Million Steps and RMB 2.8 Million Donation Made on 9•19 Infinitus Global Walking Day

GUANGZHOU, China, Sept. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — On September 19, 9•19 Infinitus Global Walking Day was successfully held. According to the statistics, the participants from all over the world completed the challenge of walking 920 million steps, which was converted to a donation of goods worth RMB 2.8 million to the Infinitus Happy Football, a programme by the China Youth Development Foundation. The donation will support the development of football, to help the teenagers in impoverished areas in China.

9•19 Infinitus Global Walking Day
9•19 Infinitus Global Walking Day

The event was initiated by the China Association of Chinese Medicine and sponsored by Infinitus. It expanded to a global scope this year. The participants are from different areas in the world, including Mainland China, Hong Kong (China), Taiwan (China), Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Thailand, the Philippines, Kazakhstan and South Korea. Over 920 million steps were achieved.

To stimulate the enthusiasm of walking, Mr. Bill Song, Director of Overseas Marketing & Operations Support of Infinitus, took part in the event with some participants and walked 10,000 steps as well. Besides offline campaigns, Infinitus (Overseas) utilized the online platforms for event promotion such as social media feeds and social stickers. Because of the COVID-19, outdoor activities are restricted in some areas like Malaysia, Singapore and Canada. To avoid gathering, the event participants in the countries walked on their own and uploaded selfie on their social media platforms to give their support. Infinitus (Philippines) even launched an online event on Zoom. This year, the 9•19 Infinitus Global Walking Day became a unique symbol of fighting against the coronavirus pandemic.

Organizing walking events for 11 years, Infinitus helps to promote the public health

It was the 11th year for Infinitus to organize the charity walk events. Infinitus has been adhering the mission of advocating the excellence of Chinese wellness traditions, and spent years to promote its health concept such as "Four Rational Habits", which advocate the healthy lifestyle focusing on diet, rest, exercise and emotion. Since 2010, Infinitus has held over 200 walking events in more than 60 cities in Mainland China, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Hangzhou, with a total of over one million participants.

"Walking is an easy and economical physical activity that is suitable for people in all age groups," commented by Liu Ping, the Deputy Secretary of China Association of Chinese Medicine. Walking 10,000 steps means approximately walking for over one hour, with a distance of six or seven kilometers. It helps the human body burn approximately 250 (up to 400) kilocalories, and meets the body daily need of physical exercise well.

Constant effort in poverty reduction, Infinitus helps the teenagers to grow healthily

The event participants could even "donate" their steps online to support the Infinitus Happy Football Programme.

In 2015, Infinitus and China Youth Development Foundation jointly launched the Infinitus Happy Football Programme. By donating football equipment, building or rebuilding the stadiums, providing teaching and training, the Programme help the left-behind children understand and appreciate the happiness brought by football, learn the spirit of team cooperation. The Programme has cumulatively supported over 1,500 children from 100 elementary schools in impoverished areas, with a donation of goods worth over RMB 14 million. This time, the 9•19 Infinitus Global Walking Day event also donated the materials and goods worth RMB 2.8 million for the children.

Mr. Lucas Xue, Vice President of Marketing of Infinitus (China) said, "Health has become particularly important during the pandemic. Infinitus and the China Association of Chinese Medicine jointly organized 9•19 Infinitus Global Walking Day, with the intention of promoting the popularity of fitness activities and helping people strengthen their immune system. Infinitus keeps participating such events to shoulder its social responsibility and create a healthier and happier world together with more people. "

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Source: 920 Million Steps and RMB 2.8 Million Donation Made on 9•19 Infinitus Global Walking Day