A worldwide tribute to be held on 11 June 2020 to Honour the Heroes and Victims of COVID-19

SYDNEY, April 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —

This is a call to action       United in gratitude

World Tribute Day (WTD) has been launched by philanthropic Amar Hadid as a global tribute to healthcare workers, essential service workers and the victims of COVID-19.

The two-minute tribute is scheduled to take place around the world on Thursday 11 June 2020.

Public Relations coordinator Dr Simon Gadir has commended the worldwide tribute effort saying "The world needs to support our defenders".

"World Tribute Day is proud to be associated with a young person whose convictions are clearly for the common good of all through respect and engagement".

Thanking the operators of WTD for so generously backing her passion and her campaign, Ms Amar Hadid delivered a speech as below: "I’m calling on everyone to join me in holding a worldwide tribute to all those fighting to contain and eliminate the COVID-19 virus that is gripping the world.

I want to be part of universal display of gratitude and esteem for our healthcare workers, essential service workers and medical researchers, and also to acknowledge the victims of the virus and their families. Together we can rise in a demonstration of hope for a world free of the threat of COVID-19. To be a success we all should own it.

Everyone everywhere can take part – spontaneous groups of individuals, as we are already witnessing – and local, national and world leaders, governments, charities, celebrities, influencers, professional organisations, companies. Everyone gathering in the interests of boosting the morale of their individual and international medics and communities.

Ms Hadid added that by doing so, "We would be showing our gratitude to all those ‘in the front line’ caring for and helping save the lives of infected patients – nurses and doctors, paramedics, essential services, carers, drivers, orderlies, cleaners, all admin and support staff, virus testers, contact tracers – and to the medical researchers and lab technicians striving to develop a cure and an effective way to treat the sufferers. Many of them work directly with the virus every day."

Dr Gadir and Ms Hadid said World Tribute Day wants us all to publicly acknowledge that so many of these heroes are working selflessly, tirelessly and in hope, knowing the risks of having such immediate contact with this highly contagious and so far untreatable scourge.

Ms Hadid said: "Together we rise in tribute to say a big thank you to our Medics".

She said: "Sadly, some have themselves caught and succumbed to COVID-19, which can strike anyone. Knowing the dangers, they have become victims while attending patients. They have joined the many thousands around the world being taken by the virus, leaving grieving loved ones behind. We would be selling all health workers short if we do not also acknowledge the very victims they risk their lives for".

Ms Hadid said: "I am proposing we demonstrate our gratitude and high esteem and remembrance in the following way:

EVENT: A two minute tribute comprising of a one minute silence for the victims of the virus, followed by one minute of sustained applause for the health professionals and support staff.

DATE & TIME: At 2pm on Thursday 11 June 2020, and at 2pm on 11 March in future years, commencing in 2021. The 11th of March date marks the day the COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. A tribute on that day will remind all to acknowledge the compassion and sacrifices of many, and the successes that will save millions of lives.

VENUE: Wherever one is, in every place in every country, and as publicly and jointly as possible – at work, at home, on balconies, in schools, on streets, in parks and shopping centres, and in Parliaments. In any place, especially if the tribute can be communal and comply with COVID-19 protocols.

Ms Hadid concluded, "No one alone owns this proposal. It belongs to everyone. It builds on the spontaneous demonstrations of gratitude already occurring in some cities, villages and neighbourhoods around the world. It is an opportunity for us all to act together as one. I ask you to spread the word."

When Dr Gadir was asked about Amar Hadid, he said: "Amar is a focussed 21-year-old Sydney University student and Elite Athlete. An accomplished sportsperson awarded the world’s first university skateboarding scholarship, in 2017 till current. She is an international skateboarder seeking selection in the Australian Tokyo Olympics team. Amar has been twice selected as an Australia Day Ambassador. She is a rapper, with a passionate belief that engagement is the answer to international hope and sustainable overall harmony, equality for women, sports, education and a healthier world. We at WTD value youth who are interested in a better world via engagement and respect for all".

Dr Gadir said: "We look forward to everyone’s feedback and responses on social media".

Social Media Channels: @worldtributeday include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram. Website: www.worldtributeday.org (Launches on 26 April 2020)

BACKGROUNDER ‘World Tribute Day’ for further information click here http://www.worldtributeday.org/read-more.html  

Source: A worldwide tribute to be held on 11 June 2020 to Honour the Heroes and Victims of COVID-19