Danke Rolls Out its Brand-New Live Streamed Program, Danke Roast

BEIJING, June 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Phoenix Tree Holdings Limited ("Danke" or the "Company") (NYSE: DNK), one of the largest co-living platforms in China with the fastest growth, unveiled its brand-new live streamed program, Danke Roast, which aims to address frequently asked questions and concerns users have about the residential rental industry. It’s the first-ever live streamed show in China’s co-living industry.

With a sitcom format, Danke Roast features three professional Danke housekeepers in situations that showcase common questions and concerns users have about the co-living industry. While providing detailed explanations and answers to these questions, the program also demonstrates how to effectively use the Danke Apartment app. The program is interactive, with real-time responses to audience questions posted in online chats on topics including early lease termination, apartment subleases and rent financing, while also featuring "red packet" cash prizes and gift giveaways. The first Danke Roast live stream on June 23 attracted a total of 9,000 viewers, with more than 17,000 playbacks of the 42-minute-long program.

Danke Roast provides an opportunity to bring together Danke users, the platform, and the public for a livestreaming discussion of the audience’s most asked questions and concerns. For any issues not covered during the live stream, the audience can follow up with professional Danke housekeepers to get answers.

"The most direct way to address a problem is to face it," said Guangjing He, Danke’s Head of Branding & PR. "We took that approach with Danke Roast to put all of the misunderstandings and challenges related to our industry on the table, to discuss them with others directly and transparently. Things can be demystified once people talk through them. It can help people see that things may be quite different from what they had thought."

Danke aims to make Danke Roast a regular series not only to increase transparency by conveying information and knowledge on the residential rental industry to the public, but also to strengthen resident engagement, which leads to more efficient communication and a deeper connection. By capturing users’ needs and concerns through their live feedback, Danke is able to improve its business operations, deliver more refined and effective services, and continue to fulfill its mission "to help people live better".

As a leading co-living platform in China, Danke pioneered an innovative ”new rental” business model, which features centralization, standardization and online experience to address the numerous pain points suffered by both individual property owners and renters. Founded in 2015, Danke now operates in 13 major cities around the country and provides its young and well-educated residents with affordable, comfortable and stylish apartments.


Danke, one of the largest co-living platforms in China with the fastest growth, is redefining the residential rental market through technology and aims to help people live better. Empowered by data, technology, and a large-scale apartment network, Danke’s vibrant and expanding ecosystem connects and benefits property owners, residents, and third-party service providers, and delivers quality and best-in-class services through an innovative "new rental" business model featuring centralization, standardization, and a seamless online experience. Danke was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Beijing, China. For more information, please visit ir.danke.com.


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Source: Danke Rolls Out its Brand-New Live Streamed Program, Danke Roast