Hong Kong Heritage Pork successfully develops a new high-quality pig breed named "Tai Chi Pigs"

HONG KONG, March 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Breeding pigs can be a relatively simple or complicated process. If the main ambition of a pig farm is to cut costs and increase the rate of breeding, there will be a sacrifice in quality. The goal of pig farm owners like John Lau Hon Kit, founder of Hong Kong Heritage Pork, is to breed high quality pigs using modern technology and special processes. This way, they can produce pork that meets the stringent requirements of Hong Kong consumers when it comes to taste, texture, and healthiness.

Hong Kong Heritage Pork
Hong Kong Heritage Pork

John Lau Hon Kit has combined the benefits Berkshire pigs, Danish Landrace pigs, and Spanish Durocs in his new breed of "Tai Chi Pigs". To do this, he specially imported high-quality specimens of each different pig breed into his Hong Kong pig farm. Although this increased costs, it made it far easier to control the purity and health of the pigs.

Hong Kong people have always loved their pork and have high standards for the pork they consume. With lots of fat, the pork is rich in taste but very unhealthy. On the other hand, pork with little fat is lacking in flavour but better for consumer’s health. The trick is finding the right balance.

John Lau Hon Kit explains that Hong Kong Heritage Pork’s breed of "Tai Chi Pigs" is the perfect balance between more fatty and more lean breeds. The meat is perfectly marbled with an even and modest distribution of fat, making it perfect for a wide range of culinary applications, including frying, steaming, and more.

But producing high-quality local pig breeds is not the only thing important to John Lau Hon Kit and Hong Kong Heritage Pork. To produce the highest quality pork possible, he places great care and effort into the feeding process.

The food used by Hong Kong Heritage Pork is a mix of premium corn imported from America and soybeans carefully selected by John Lau Hon Kit himself. This way, he is able to ensure that the pigs are fed a natural and nutritious mix certified by the European Union and suitable for feeding pigs growing in Hong Kong’s climate. John Lau Hon Kit further brought in a feeding machine from Denmark that helps control and adjust the amount of feed given to the pigs, meaning they eat the right amount to grow in a healthy manner.

Furthermore, John Lau Hon Kit has specially selected Sheung Shui and Kam Tin as sites to open his pig farms. One of the reasons behind this is to allow his pigs to drink mineral-rich water from the nearby Kai Kung Leng mountain range. In order to ensure the health of the pigs, this mountain water is first disinfected and then filtered before being given to the pigs. John Lau Hon Kit will also regularly send water samples to a laboratory for further testing.

John Lau Hon Kit understands that the people of Hong Kong attach great importance to food safety. He regularly sends samples of his pork to well known third-party laboratories in Hong Kong and overseas to test for 18 types of antibiotics, 4 types of hormones, and several different types of heavy metals.

Hong Kong Heritage Pork has received a certificate of safety from the prestigious CASTCO testing centre, proving the pork from "Tai Chi Pigs" is safe for consumption – something which is also pledged by both John Lau Hon Kit and Hong Kong Heritage Pork.

For more information on John Lau Hon-kit and Hong Kong Heritage Pork, visit https://www.hkpork.com.

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Source: Hong Kong Heritage Pork successfully develops a new high-quality pig breed named "Tai Chi Pigs"