PLACEMAKER WEEK ASEAN SERIES: The City at Eye Level and Sustainability in Placemaking

Hans Karssenberg of interdisciplinary urban organisation, STIPO, tells us why it’s important to consider the city at a human scale and how to sustain placemaking efforts in the long term. 

The quality of Public Spaces is the backbone of a sustainable city. And while skyscrapers are being born a mile a minute – STIPO, an urban solutions organisation from the Netherlands, is of the opinion that placemaking can result in better streets, places that make you intuitively want to stay longer, and that the Ground Floor, where the city meets the human scale at eye level is where the magic’s at.

Hans Karssenberg, co-founder STIPO. Image:


Hans spoke to The Citymaker about how, placemaking, while creating a service for the public at large, can cost significant amounts of money, and in the longer term can be unsustainable. STIPO, however has discovered a way through this, and in this episode, we discover exactly how.

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