"Power of Culture" as Hangzhou goes creative for the 16th Hangzhou Cultural & Creative Industry Expo

HANGZHOU, China, Jan. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A report from haiwainet.cn: Under the theme of "Power of Culture", the 16th Hangzhou Cultural & Creative Industry Expo concluded at the Hangzhou International Expo Center on Jan 2. Featuring exhibitions, forums, trade fairs and award ceremonies, the expo was participated in by around 3,800 exhibitors from 40 countries and regions.

Hangzhou has a history of 8,000 years of civilization and 5,000 years of city construction. It is one of the first batch of national historical and cultural cities and one of the seven ancient capitals of China. At this expo, Hangzhou’s thousand-year-old ancient beauty will be reproduced with digital art.

The "Mirroring·Hangzhou" digital culture section reflects another mirror image of Hangzhou with dazzling high-tech, allowing people to see a Hangzhou that has never been seen before. "Xizi in Four Seasons" is a special broadcast related to the smell of the West Lake. The smell in the environment will change with the digital scene.

The Song Yun Cultural Zone first launched the immersive digital experience product "Like a Dream – The Rhyme Art and Spiritual Realm of Song People", which vividly presents the space of the Song people thousands of years ago with realistic painting style, allowing the audience to visit and interact in the 3D virtual interactive space to get a "picture-like" experience.

This year’s expo also showcased Hangzhou’s new attempt to promote rural revitalization through creative products. There are a variety of agricultural product packaging that provides "online self-service design and printing" service, and there are also many design-major students who have done a full set of IP design for agricultural products, such as the overall packaging design of Jiande Berry and Qiandao Lake Fruit, providing a brand-new visual identity for agricultural products.

During the expo, the Hangzhou Cultural and Creative Industry Development Center reached a strategic cooperation with the Swiss Ticino Handicraft Association and opened the "Hangzhou Swiss Cultural and Creative Industry Exchange Center" in Lugano, Switzerland.

Hangzhou’s inclusive, dynamic, and innovative city genes provide a broad space for cultural inheritance and development. Lu Xiaoshuai, the first Asian artist-in-residence at the Van Gogh Foundation Museum in Chengdu, said that Hangzhou is an exquisite and international city. It is a great encouragement for his works to be understood and appreciated by others.

Source: "Power of Culture" as Hangzhou goes creative for the 16th Hangzhou Cultural & Creative Industry Expo