The global experience officer recruitment campaign for the 2020 Yunnan Tour kicks off

KUNMING, China, July 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — A legendary beginning makes every story all the more appealing. Notably, Yunnan, which when translated word-for-word means "South of the Clouds," is well known for its legendary colors. The region’s beautiful mountains, graceful rivers and stunning landscapes leave a lasting impression on anyone who has had the opportunity to spend some time there. Yunnan boasts a vast and widely varied geography, as well as delightful scenery year-round. It is this magnificent destination which attracts the future global experience officers.

Go-Yunnan Global Experience Officer Program
Go-Yunnan Global Experience Officer Program

The global experience officer recruitment campaign for the 2nd Global Experience Officer Program, organized by the Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and co-organized by Yunnan Tengyun Information Co., Ltd., kicked off on July 20, 2020. Two years ago, the 1st Go-Yunnan Global Experience Officer Program at Your Fingertips proved hugely successful. The three-month tour gave the selected global experience officers a rare opportunity to enjoy everything that the province has to offer. The campaign, which debuted on March 2, 2018, attracted over 50,000 applicants worldwide with some lucky winners being chosen following a multi-step process consisting a first round selection, an online voting round and selection by experts who viewed and judged video clips submitted by the finalists. 

The global experience officers selected in the first campaign originated from Canada and South Africa in addition to 13 provinces and cities across China, among them, Guangdong, Sichuan, Shandong, Yunnan, Jiangsu, Hainan and Zhejiang provinces as well as Beijing, Shanghai and Xi’an. They, in the role of experience officers, took part in a variety of activities:

  • Using edible flowers to make flower cakes in Kunming;
  • Gaining the know-how on tie-dyeing techniques of the Bai ethnic group in Dali;
  • Becoming acquainted with the centuries-old tradition of making black pottery in Nixi Village, Shangri-La;
  • Exploring the East Bami Territory of Lijiang;
  • Visiting the Pu’er National Forest Park, a wonderland for animals;
  • Enhancing awareness of traditional cultures in Tengchong, including handcrafted oiled paper umbrellas and shadow plays;
  • Tasting the most authentic Crossing-the-bridge noodles or guo qiao mi xian made of long rice-flour noodles in Mengzi;
  • Visiting Jianshui County to observe the latest techniques for making purple pottery;
  • Learning the time-honored paper-making skill of the Dai ethnic group and stepping into Jinuo Mountain Village to become immersed in the culture of the Jinuo Ethnic Minority dating back to the earliest of times.

The organizers of the global experience officer recruitment campaign for the 2020 Yunnan Tour hope to attract more people to join in the effort. 

Registration for the 2020 recruitment campaign begins now and lasts until 24:00 on August 2, 2020. Are you ready to join a most impressive tour?

During the campaign, the 50 applicants receiving the most thumbs-up for their submissions prior to midnight on August 2, 2020 will be selected as global experience officers and receive a travel fund  of 3,500 yuan. The final winner will be awarded an additional 5,000 yuan, while second and third runner-ups will be awarded 3,000 yuan and 1,000 yuan, respectively.

Source: The global experience officer recruitment campaign for the 2020 Yunnan Tour kicks off