Farrer Park Hospital Expands Sustainability Efforts with Tree Planting Session along Sengkang East Way

This marks the first time a hospital in Singapore is supporting Garden City Fund’s Plant-A-Tree programme

SINGAPORE, March 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Led by Chief Executive Officer Dr. Peng Chung Mien, some 25 representatives from Farrer Park Hospital joined in the hospital’s inaugural tree planting session in the morning of March 12, 2021 at Sungei Serangoon Park Connector.

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A total of 50 trees were planted by volunteers consisting mainly of specialists from Farrer Park Medical Centre and Board and management representatives, as well as pioneering staff members of Farrer Park Hospital. The session was made possible through a hospital-wide collaborative effort, where shareholders, doctors and staff alike supported the donation drive to raise $15,000 for the cause.

Held in commemoration of the hospital’s 5th anniversary, the tree planting session supports the Garden City Fund’s Plant-A-Tree programme, a platform for organisations and individuals to actively participate in the greening of Singapore through tree planting. The Garden City Fund is a registered charity and Institution of a Public Character established by the National Parks Board (NParks). Every tree planted also contributes to the OneMillionTrees movement, where a million trees is targeted to be planted in Singapore over the next 10 years.

Five different species of trees were selected by NParks for the tree planting site that spans across Sengkang East Way. These are mainly native species that are hardy and well-suited to Singapore’s tropical climate. Among them includes the Cratoxylum maingayi, a critically endangered species that produces reddish leaves and ornamental pink blossoms.

Farrer Park Hospital’s participation marks the first time a hospital in Singapore has supported Garden City Fund’s Plant-A-Tree programme.

The tree planting session speaks of Farrer Park Hospital’s conscious eco efforts which has been established since its founding, starting with the building envelope. Connexion, the building where Farrer Park Hospital, Farrer Park Medical Centre and One Farrer Hotel are housed, has been certified as a Green Mark Platinum building by the Singapore Building and Construction Authority since 2011, the highest distinction in the green building rating system.

To further reduce its carbon footprint, the hospital has also built 15 gardens along the years, which it co-shares with its sister company One Farrer Hotel. This includes a herb garden that grows lemon balm, pandan and more. Besides beautifying the hospital and the green benefits that they bring, these gardens also allow patients to recuperate and enjoy scenic walks without having to travel far.

Dr Peng Chung Mien, Chief Executive Officer of Farrer Park Hospital, said: "Sustainability has always been in our roots. The tree planting session is a symbolic event that underscores our commitment towards this cause. With increased urbanisation, it is heartening to know that there are more ways than ever for us to restore nature in our lion city but what is most encouraging is knowing that our heart for sustainability aligns with Singapore’s goal to transform into a City in Nature and to contribute to global sustainability efforts."

The successful completion of the tree planting session marks another step forward for Farrer Park Hospital’s pledge to sustainability but it does not end there. The hospital is constantly looking for ways to remain sustainable in its operations.

"Plans are also under way for the hospital to install more solar panels on top of our premises. This would allow us to utilise power generated on our roof top which means we could rely less on fossil fuels that causes air pollution, and slow down the overall greenhouse effect on Earth," Dr. Peng concluded.

About Farrer Park Hospital

Farrer Park Hospital is the latest private tertiary acute care hospital in Singapore. The facility includes Farrer Park Medical Centre with specialist clinics, medical technology, nuclear medicine and radiology services to support a wide range of surgical specialties in oncology, orthopaedic, gastroenterology and cardiology. Designed by healthcare professionals and conveniently built above an underground train station, the hospital is a carefully created environment to enable modern yet holistic care for all its patients.

The hospital shares numerous calming gardens and inspiring art works with its related hotel, One Farrer Hotel. Synergies between the hospital and hotel provide families and visitors with enhanced experiences in food and beverage, choices of accommodation, lifestyle programs and conference facilities. Farrer Park Hospital and One Farrer Hotel are part of The Farrer Park Company Pte Ltd, a Singapore based company.

For more information, please visit www.farrerpark.com.


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Source: Farrer Park Hospital Expands Sustainability Efforts with Tree Planting Session along Sengkang East Way