Global impressions of Wuhan go viral

BEIJING, Aug. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A global video competition launched by Changjiang International Communication, with the joint efforts of China Daily and major media across the world, has recently raised attention online.



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Named "Hi, Wuhan", entries for the competition are stories, impressions, lives and memories about Wuhan. Competitors from around the globe said that although their stay in Wuhan was only an episode of life, or a short time, they will never forget the city. 

Four consul-generals in Wuhan gave their impressions and personal experiences of Wuhan in their videos.

Dominic McAllister, the British consul general in Wuhan shared features of the new Wuhan compared with what his grandfather experienced and wrote about in a diary 90 years ago.

Jean-Yves Roux, the French consul general in Wuhan, most liked the fresh air of Wuhan with the East Lake, Yangtze River, wetlands and all the green plants in the city.

Ha Sung-ju, consul general of the Republic of Korea in Wuhan, was surprised that Wuhan is 14 times larger than Seoul.

Melissa J. Lan, consul general of the United States in Wuhan, was most impressed with Wuhan’s rich water resources, vitality and colorful life.

By now, the competition has received submissions from the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Iraq, Vietnam, Cambodia, Columbia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Laos, Indonesia, the Philippines, Sudan and some other countries and regions.

In Wuhan there are university professors who have been living there for more than 20 years, teachers of international high schools and university students from around the globe.

A group of them took the metro to visit the Yellow Crane Tower, introduced their understanding of the five letters of WUHAN (which stands for water, university, high technology, automobile, and noodles), admired the beautiful natural scenery of Wuhan, the way Wuhan people celebrate festivals, as well as their daily lives.

"Hi, Wuhan" is also a chance to hold a get-together with its sister cities, organizers said.

Yumi Watanabe, director of Oita City Promotion Bureau Japan, said: "All the Wuhan people I have met are warm-hearted and full of human feelings."

Rulinda Fabrice Brad, mayor of Entebbe, Uganda, said: "It’s really beautiful, it’s big, it’s imaginative, it’s creative, it’s very clean. It’s very hot though!"

Frank Scarpitti, mayor of the city of Markham, Canada said: "Every time I visited Wuhan, I was impressed with its growth, the transportation system, the broad spectrum of industries and the urban design throughout the entire city."

Lee Jong-hyeok, director of the Cheongju City Representative Office of Korea, was impressed with Wuhan residents’ passion for life when they go out to square dance, exercise and walk.

Some competitors said that they did not expect Wuhan to be so multicultural. They said Wuhan is a destination that they will go back to visit.


Source: Global impressions of Wuhan go viral