Stone Palace D'. Palais Louis – the palace not for 99.9875% of Vietnam's Population

HANOI, Vietnam, Nov. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Since November 2020, Tan Hoang Minh Group has launched an impressive and extensive new message for the Stone Palace D’. Palais Louis – the most expensive and luxurious developments of the real estate group. The message is "Stone Palace D’. Palais Louis – the palace not for 99.9875% of Vietnam’s population". Together with 10 unique values of D’. Palais Louis, this new message promises to redefine and enhance the image and luxury of the project, aims at Vietnamese millionaires.

Stone Palace D'. Palais Louis - the palace not for 99.9875% of Vietnam’s Population
Stone Palace D’. Palais Louis – the palace not for 99.9875% of Vietnam’s Population

Having participated in the real estate market since 2006, Tan Hoang Minh Group is proud to become one of the leading luxury real estate developers in Vietnam with a series of projects located in prime locations in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and many other cities. Tan Hoang Minh Group’s developments are recognized for their good quality, creative design, high-class architecture and rich in artistic value. Especially, D’. Palais Louis is the most luxurious and considered the symbolic development of Tan Hoang Minh Group. D’. Palais Louis has been recognized in the domestic and international real estate market and received many prestigious awards. Recently, D’. Palais Louis has been named in the category of Best Ultra Luxury Condo Development at the Dot Property Vietnam Awards 2020 held on July 23 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Stone Palace D ‘. Palais Louis – a masterpiece not for 99.9875% of Vietnam’s population

Located on Nguyen Van Huyen Avenue, Stone Palace D’. Palais Louis owns a prime location in the new cultural and administrative center of Hanoi. The place is only for the elite and for those who appreciate priceless values of life; priceless like the love you have for your beloved ones, priceless like the passion you spend all your life pursuing.

Inspired by the famous The Palace of Versailles in France, the Stone Palace D’. Palais Louis is the combination of the classic royal spirit, modern and most innovative construction technology, definitely a worthy place for its prestigious owners. D’. Palais Louis respects and honors artistic values and strives towards perfection in order to create the highest quality of life.

10 unique values with priceless luxury lifestyle dedicated only for the elite 0.0125% of Vietnam’s population

The Stone Palace D’. Palais Louis is considered an invaluable masterpiece because of its elite beauty and unparalleled quality. With its 10 unique values , D’ Palais Louis brings on a luxury lifestyle that is worthy of Vietnam’s wealthy elite – accounting for 0.0125% of the population.

  1. Aesthetically, Stone Palace D’. Palais Louis is the only residential development in Vietnam that is completely covered with granite stone on the outside as well as four-sided sky well from the first floor to the top floor, bringing luxury and timeless beauty. From the outside, you will be impressed with the meticulously hand-carved monolithic bronze door system by renowned Chinese bronze-casting artists.
  2. The hall is magnificent, heavily influenced by European royal styles. The 12.5m high ceiling is painted with Renaissance art, awakening all vibes with sophistication in each drawing. Through the fanciful light of crystal ceiling lights, the beauty of the hall becomes more enchanted by rare and expensive marble stones and glistening Onyx stones creating a classic, beautiful scene. When it comes to royal art, it is impossible not to mention the unique corridor of the Stone Palace D’. Palais Louis. This is the only place in Vietnam where the living space becomes the world-famous Art Basel’s show with Old Masters paintings that are hand-painted entirely by famous Italian artists.
  3. 400m2 sky-well space of D’. Palais Louis has been flexibly transformed into a luxurious European-style garden, helping to circulate the air and close to nature.
  4. Musical fountain inside the building helps to create a luxurious landscape while living every moment of everyday life.
  5. If artistic values bring emotions uplifting, modern technology will provide a perfect living experience. Stone Palace D’. Palais Louis also owns a system of 6 Otis lifts with an expensive gold-plated spherical glass cage with a jet-glass frame to minimize noise and vibration.
  6. The parking basement is carefully treated with new technology; only 3% slope and special drainage capacity enable guests to park easily and prevents basement flooding.
  7. D’. Palais Louis also owns a unique 4-season swimming pool cluster on the roof of the building. To build such a special utility, Tan Hoang Minh Group has applied modern and meticulous construction methods to every small detail.
  8. The quality of the development is sustainable over time, every detail is completed with the strictest qualifications: stone with modern technology, 10 Richter earthquake-resistant building and so on.
  9. The interior of D’. Palais Louis is wonderfully luxurious and unique with a delicate selection of rare materials used in every detail of the building, designed and supplied by leading furniture brands from France and Italy such as Kohler, Grohe, Whirlpool, Fede, Bosch…
  10. D’. Palais Louis offers many facilities and top-class services such as professional sauna and massage; sky bar at an altitude of 120m with panoramic infinity views of the city; VVIP Club which has a private entrance, gilded elevator to bring VVIP guests to luxury Italian-style "Godfather" wine and cigar bar; the first professional personal security guard in Vietnam with international standard and operated 24/24. Your treasures, belongings, and property will be best secured. Our operation staff are ready to serve 24/7 and are always willing to understand and listen to your requests.

D’. Palais Louis is the masterpiece of the delicate European artistic value of the fourteenth century and the advanced and modern technologies of the twenty-first century. D’. Palais Louis certainly awakens not only your inner feeling but also a sense of real imperial life in the midst of modern times.

Stone Palace D ‘. Palais Louis – Masterpiece not for 99.9875% of Vietnam’s population

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