Medix-Global Launches the Mask of Solidarity Initiative, a New Programme Designed to Help Alleviate the Human Suffering Caused by COVID-19

LONDON, March 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Medix-Global, the leading global health management company, has today launched Mask of Solidarity, a global initiative which is seeking to inspire action and raise donations for registered charities via the website, to help all those directly affected by the global COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

Recognising the huge human cost of COVID-19, Mask of Solidarity is seeking to alleviate human suffering linked to COVID-19 – and not just those who have sadly lost their lives, their families and loved ones. Nurses, doctors and other first responders are working selflessly and caring for those in need, helping to stop the spread of the virus whilst putting themselves directly in harm’s way. 

Medical masks have become the symbol of the COVID-19 outbreak worldwide, but in Asia particularly, they’ve been seen as a symbol of something much greater for years – a symbol of solidarity.  Hence, Mask of Solidarity is setting out to build solidarity with all those affected, and has been launched with three main goals: 

  • Mask of Solidarity Appeal:  to raise funds from corporate and individual donors around the world to support a small number of health-related charitable organisations and hospitals involved in the COVID-19 outbreak, within, and increasingly beyond, Mainland China.  Donations can be made direct to charities through the website.
  • Mask of Solidarity Inspiration Zone: to inspire more people to express solidarity to those directly impacted by COVID-19 through showcasing acts of kindness already shown by people around the world.  Anyone can share their inspiring stories via

  • Mask of Solidarity Pro-Bono Support from Medix-Global: to extend Medix’ professional medical services, on a pro bono basis, to those in affected areas.  This includes Personal Medical Case Management for a number of patients with serious illnesses in areas currently suffering from healthcare accessibility issues, and the provision of specialist medical advice remotely for the chronically ill.

Charities selected as part of Mask of Solidarity have been chosen for their work in helping to stop the spread of COVID-19 in its tracks, or for their direct support to those affected.  They include Red Cross (Singapore) and the Love Foundation’s Love Fund (Hong Kong). 

Medix-Global is actively promoting Mask of Solidarity to its network worldwide, including customers and business partners, in order to increase engagement with the initiative, and to create a network effect to increase solidarity with all those affected. 

Sigal Atzmon, CEO of Medix-Global, said, "COVID-19 is an unprecedented health emergency – initially for China, and increasingly the rest of the world.  This outbreak of coronavirus is sadly far from being over, and there is still so much more we all can and should be doing to help get support where it’s needed most.  Unlike other recent human tragedies, the world has been too slow to show solidarity to all those suffering from COVID-19, and given our international network of relevant connections, we felt compelled to act knowing that even a small impact would be well-worthwhile."

All administrative costs of Mask of Solidarity are being met privately by Medix-Global, and the Initiative is being overseen by a group of independent honorary advisors comprised of senior international figures in the insurance and legal professional services arenas, all of whom are providing their time on a pro-bono basis. 

John Cai, one of the independent honorary advisors of Mask of Solidarity, and a former senior insurance executive in the United States and Asia added, "Medix and its honorary advisors have a wide range of close connections around the world with individuals and corporates interested in better healthcare management and insurance protection, and can therefore act as powerful ambassadors in engaging audiences with important and relevant health-related issues.  I’m proud to be part of Medix’ Mask of Solidarity initiative and will do all I can to help it achieve its aim of building much needed solidarity for the increasing number of people around the world impacted by COVID-19."

Notes to Editors:

Mask of Solidarity Appeal Charities – Background Information

Red Cross (Singapore):   Singapore Red Cross has been selected for all the work it is doing to help the most vulnerable of people affected by the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus disease, within and beyond Mainland China.  Singapore Red Cross is buying medical equipment for hospitals in Hubei province, China, and is distributing hygiene items and conducting health education in Tianjin and Nanning provinces.  It is also helping to educate the local Singaporean community in efforts to contain the outbreak locally.

The Love Foundation’s "Love Fund" (Hong Kong)

The Love Foundation is a small and highly effective Hong-Kong based charity created to serve remote and impoverished rural communities in Mainland China.  Originally founded with a mission to support China’s "Left-Behind Children", who have suffered as a result of parental migration from rural to urban areas, its Love Fund has supported many families across rural China since its creation in 2013.  With a track record of supporting the most needy in China, the Love Fund has created a "Walk with Love for Coronavirus" appeal which is being deployed to fight the COVID-19 epidemic across the country, funding epidemic prevention stations in rural towns and staffing social service centres in Chinese Provinces including Hubei, Jilin, Shandong, Gansu and Shaanxi. 

Direct contributions to Hubei Province hospitals

In addition to encouraging donations to the registered charities selected by the Mask of Solidarity Appeal, Medix-Global will also be making direct donations to hospitals in Hubei Province, through the purchase of medical and health supplies via local medical supply companies. This process will be supported by JunHe LLP, a leading Chinese Law Firm who has already contributed to this cause. Corporate donors wishing to join Medix in making a similar contribution are encouraged to contact Medix via

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Source: Medix-Global Launches the Mask of Solidarity Initiative, a New Programme Designed to Help Alleviate the Human Suffering Caused by COVID-19