NBGD: Cultural Exchange Between Cities Boosts Partnership

NINGBO, China, March 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A Report from NBGD: an Interview with Jung Hyunmin, former Mayor of Busan, and Cha Minchol, Executive Chairman of the Busan International Short Film Festival.

"Ningbo is much more than a port. Important pillars of Chinese traditional culture such as Neo-Confucianism originated in Ningbo. I often tell the people of Busan about this wonderful city," Jung Hyunmin said.

Recently, Ningbo, Setting Sail to Embrace the World, an extensive global cross-media journalism campaign, was launched in Ningbo, China. Ningbo’s media outlets interviewed Jung Hyunmin, former Mayor of Busan, and Cha Minchol, Executive Chairman of the Busan International Short Film Festival. Describing his impression of Ningbo, Cha said, "I have been to many cities. Ningbo is among those that impressed me the most."

As part of the reporting campaign, fifteen cities, selected for their profound ties with the ocean and their rich history and culture, will be featured in panoramic interviews and cross-media reporting for global impact. Ningbo’s city image will be presented to the world through the project’s coverage, while its cooperation with the rest of the world will be strengthened.

Ningbo, situated on the southeastern coastline of China, near the estuary of China’s Grand Canal, is an important port of departure on the ancient Maritime Silk Road. "Elements of Ningbo’s unique culture should be utilized to organize diverse cultural activities for people around the world," Jung Hyunmin said. Jung emphasized that as Ningbo makes its transformation into a modern coastal metropolis, it is important for the city to merge traditional culture with modern culture, which is the secret to the success of Korean popular culture.

Busan is known as a "city of film". Similarly, Ningbo has been making efforts to strengthen its film and television industry in recent years, with the ambition of becoming a film production capital in east China and a leader of China’s film and television industry. Cha Minchol has attended the Ningbo Short Film Festival twice, which he considers a good demonstration of the vitality of Ningbo’s film industry and filmmaking culture.

Ningbo and Busan’s friendship goes back many years. Jung Hyunmin said, "During Korea’s Three Kingdoms period, Unified Silla Dynasty, and Goryeo Dynasty, Ningbo was already the maritime trade hub between the Korean Peninsula the Chinese mainland." In the future, Ningbo hopes to expand its cooperation with Busan into more sectors.

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Source: NBGD: Cultural Exchange Between Cities Boosts Partnership