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HELSINKI, Nov. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Lokal Helsinki wants to facilitate art, artisanship, skill and craft coming together. The beauty of everyday life, timelessness, functionality, and the relationship between design and nature are all central values in Finnish design and Nordic wellbeing. Here at Lokal, we believe that every little choice makes a difference. By consuming more consciously, we can have an impact on everything from climate change to the phenomena driven by urbanisation. If traditional rural artisanship and everyday craft skills are lost, we will also lose a part of our heritage. Lokal Helsinki wants to help preserve artisan traditions and the multisensory experiences they offer. Today more than ever, people want to make conscious, sustainable consumption choices and contribute to positive change.

Lokal Helsinki – room for more

Lokal Helsinki’s expanded selection abounds with carefully curated, responsibly made, sustainable products from Finland and other Nordic countries. The artists and artisans behind the products are the best in their field and are committed to the utmost quality of their work. Lokal now also features clothes, body care and culinary delights. A visit to the new online shop showcases the wealth of craft skills that still exists in Finland. These breathtakingly beautiful, lovingly created products will warm and delight their owners for a long time, while the unique art pieces open doors into new realms. The levels of imagination and understanding of material are truly astonishing. Lokal Helsinki promises to satisfy every taste from sophisticated elegance and delicate designs to rustic, rugged form. Artisans’ stories help visitors decipher the fascinating world of crafts, art and form.

Objects for the home

The designers and artisans of Lokal’s signature homeware collection are all Finnish or based in Finland. The PINO wooden boxes are lightweight and stackable storage items crafted to excellence by master carpenter Antrei Hartikainen in Fiskari village. Ceramicist Nathalie Lautenbacher`s picture perfect KAHVI cups in different sizes exude a harmonious atmosphere together with glass artist Renata Jakowleff`s KAKSI glasses and fine artist and designer Veera Kulju`s ILO textiles. All the objects in the Lokal Kollektion range are made from natural materials in colours reflecting the Nordic seasons. They can be used together or separately on both everyday and festive occasions.

The products of the Finnish company Tikau, a pioneer of ethical manufacturing, add a global touch, with beautiful crafts by Indian artisans complementing the Lokal Helsinki collection in a natural way. Tikau has combined sustainable design and support to local artisans since 2008. Nikari’s minimalist furniture from Fiskari village showcases the best of traditional carpentry skills. The high-quality limited edition objects and furniture are accompanied by vessels, baskets, brushes, hand-knitted textiles and more. The internationally acclaimed Eija Koski has contributed her poetic ‘himmeli’ mobiles, unique works of art made from rye straw she has grown herself. The apt name of Koski’s miniature mobile is NAMU, Finnish for candy. The self-taught sculptor Linda Laitinen’s charming Lulou wooden spoons and knives are like extensions of nature. Hand towels by Lapuan Kankurit and MALJA mugs with custom initials, designed by Veera Kulju for the Lokal Kollektion, are available upon special order.

Wardrobe & Jewellery

Lokal Helsinki’s clothes selection is fully in line with the company’s core ideology of sustainability and timelessness. Lokal Wardrobe offers high-quality and comfortable everyday wear for different weathers and seasons. At Lokal, we believe in everyone creating their own personal style, unaffected by the seasonal fashion industry. The Danish label Carcel, which produces high quality knitwear and silk clothing in women’s prisons in exchange for fair wages, is another firm advocate of this ethos. The wool products by Ruskovilla, which last from one generation to another, have warmed Finns of all ages for nearly four decades. Myssyfarmi from Finland works together with local grandmothers who knit all their products from organic Finnish lambswool. Their rugged hats come with a lifetime guarantee. Finnish design icon Vuokko’s empowering clothes never lose their appeal. Bold, large patterns and ample cuts which suit the busy life of doers are the signature features of this legendary label. Klaus Haapaniemi’s silk kimonos and linen yukatas take their users into a magical world of fairy tales.

Jewellery has been part of the Lokal Helsinki selection from the very beginning. Today, the selection is a showcase for several leading Finnish jewellery makers who translate their skilful craftmanship and intricate knowledge of materials into miniature works of art. The unique pieces of jewellery provide inspiration for decorating everyday life. Lokal’s beautiful jewellery art is ideal for celebrating life’s memorable moments or adorning the walls of the home. Delicate gold and silver jewellery suit more casual occasions while still representing the best of Finnish jewellery design. The designs by Inni Pärnänen and Päivi Keski-Pomppu contain direct references to natural elements.


The wellness selection is a new yet natural addition to the world of Lokal. The products made from hemp, linen and reindeer skin are all handmade locally, reminding visitors of times when people in the Finnish countryside were still self-sufficient. The hand soaps, creams and scented candles by the multi-disciplinary design company Frama add a hint of luxury to everyday life. The world of fragrances is represented Nakuna Helsinki, inspired by the quintessentially Finnish trait ‘sisu’ (meaning perseverance against the odds) and the Finns’ innate connection with nature. The range by Anu Igoni and Jaakko Veijola has been created for an international audience in collaboration with top noses.

Artisanal Food

Lokal’s food selection is a treasure trove of locally produced artisanal delicacies. Lokal’s signature products include mustard, coffee, tea, marmalade, chocolate, toffee, honey and more. Stanin Hani is a honey with a global reputation, produced by master honey maker and defender of local bee populations, Stan Jas. Wild from Arctic’s artisan marshmallows get their flavour from Lapland’s forests and hand-picked wild berries. Malmgård Manor, owned by the same family since the 17th century, makes the best flour, flakes and vinegars in Finland.


One of Lokal Helsinki’s core purposes is to showcase the work of independent artists and designers. The temporary exhibitions at Lokal’s Annankatu gallery shop have featured talented artists for the last eight years. Every artist in Lokal’s online shop will interpret their materials of choice in a unique way. Finnish ceramic, glass and textile art exudes strength, poetry and mesmerising beauty.


As well as online, Lokal Helsinki’s Christmas takes place in the stunning National Hall in the heart of Helsinki. National Hall is located in the Art Nouveau landmark Väinämöisenlinna, a striking and ornate stone building from 1901 with its façade and interior designed by acclaimed architects Herman Gesellius, Armas Lindgren and Eliel Saarinen. The façade is made from Finnish natural stone chosen by the architects and soapstone from Nunnanlahti to sculpt the grimacing goblins and other folktale figures.

About Lokal Helsinki

Founded in 2012 by photographer Katja Hagelstam, Lokal Helsinki is an art gallery and shop that showcases high-quality art, crafts and design. Locally produced, limited quantities of aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly and timeless designs build Lokal’s selection. Lokal is the home of creative talent and offers a unique experience to every visitor. In autumn 2020 Lokal became part of Glasshouse Helsinki led by Mirkku Kullberg. Glasshouse Helsinki is a business development company focusing on sustainable growth.

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