Accelerating global expansion by adding an English version of OWNR by RENOSY Assisting foreign Japanese real estate owners

-Establishing a global standard with this real estate owner app used by 91.7% of our clients(*1)-

TOKYO, June 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — GA technologies Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President, CEO and Representative Director: Ryo Higuchi; securities code: 3491; "the Company"), operator of the "RENOSY" comprehensive real estate tech brand, announced today that it has released an English version of OWNR by RENOSY, an app for real estate owners.


Key points

  • Launched English version of real estate owner app used by 91.7% of our clients(*1)
  • Streamlines asset management by allowing for complete management of owned properties on a single smartphone from anywhere in the world
  • Reinforces support for foreign nationals who own real estate in Japan, which is expected to see strong demand from in-bound tourism in the future

An increasing number of foreign national investors are choosing to invest in Japanese real estate. According to a research conducted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in 2019 regarding overseas investors there is growing investment in Japanese real estate among overseas investors. The number of foreign national investors who replied that they have investment experience with Japanese real estate increased from 33.7% in 2009 to 76.5% in 2018.  Generally, the Japanese real estate market has received strong marks, as 76.3% of foreign national investors answered that it is important in terms of the size of the real estate market. As a result the demand for investing in Japanese real estate among foreign nationals and foreign nationals residing in Japan is expected to be growing in the future there.


OWNR by RENOSY is an app that allows clients of "RENOSY ASSET Apartment Investment," an AI-driven real estate investment service specializing in existing apartments in major cities, to check information about their own properties using a smartphone. The app, which is used by 91.7%(*1) of our clients, stores basic information about properties including contract documents and tenant information in digital form. The app uses a host of features to provide a full complement of support services for real estate owners’ asset management. These include cash flow management, portfolio management, revenue/expense simulations, proposals of newly listed properties for sale, tax return filing support, and chat-based inquiry features. An English version is now available in order to assist the growing number of foreign national owners with smart real estate management. OWNR by RENOSY allows anyone in the world to manage their properties from anywhere.

(*1) Clients of RENOSY ASSET Apartment Investment; as of May 2020.

Main features of OWNR by RENOSY

1. Revenue/expense simulations

Revenue/expense simulations
Revenue/expense simulations

Users can run simulations to visualize changes in monthly revenues/expenses or mortgage balance based on property info and mortgage contract in the app. Users simply set their own costs, such as vacancy risk, capital investment, and fire/earthquake insurance, to check the simulations run by highly experienced real estate agents. As a result, users can easily review their real estate investment plan tailored to their own stage in life.

2. Cash flow management

Cash flow management
Cash flow management

The app makes it possible for owners to check monthly cash flows, such as rental payment and mortgage repayment. The Company’s MANAGE by RENOSY(*2), a tool developed in-house, uploads revenue/expense information to the app. This makes it possible to plan out tax payments and repair expenses, in addition to being able to see the management fees, mortgage repayment amount, and rent. Other revenues can be added, too, enabling precise checks of cash flows.

3. Portfolio management

Portfolio management
Portfolio management

Owners can centrally manage the asset info, management info and contract info for the properties they currently own(*3). They can also check monthly revenue/expenditures, such as yield, rent and mortgage repayment amount, along with tenant info for each property. Contracts and other documents, which tend to be troublesome and complicated to manage, as well as payment info required for tax return filing can be managed all in one app, greatly supporting the smart asset management of owners.

4. Proposals of newly listed properties for sale

Proposals of newly listed properties for sale
Proposals of newly listed properties for sale

This feature displays a selection of properties determined by AI and experienced real estate agents for users considering purchasing a new investment property. Users can review a revenue/expense simulation based on the scenario of purchasing the displayed property. Based on this, the app proposes a new asset plan(*4).

(*2) A real estate business support tool developed by GA technologies that manages rental data.

(*3) This feature is not available for properties managed by other companies or certain properties with outdated or no information at all.

(*4) Estimated rounded values due to annual fixed asset tax, urban planning tax, and real estate acquisition tax.

Details of the service

  • Name of service: OWNR by RENOSY
  • Service fee: free
  • Recommended environment: iOS 11.0 or newer, Android 5.0 or newer
  • Can be downloaded overseas from iOS and Android

RENOSY ASSET Apartment Investment

A next-generation real estate investment service where each process of real estate investment is supported by technology and highly experienced real estate agents, under the concept "making good choices for the future." Using "DATA ANALYZER by RENOSY," which enables AI-driven property sourcing(*1) and highly transparent, data-driven real estate proposals, users have access to objective property proposals based on data.  Real estate management after the purchase is supported with the Company’s app, making real estate investment and management simple for everyone thanks to technology. A monthly report on client trends for March 2020 can be found at:

Future Ambitions

Under the service vision "smart asset management for real estate owners," the Company will continue to enhance the asset management environment using OWNR by RENOSY, including updating the app to enable owners to fully manage their properties online. The Company will aim to establish a global standard by introducing interfaces in different languages to enable the same smart real estate management for the increasing number of foreign national owners.

About GA technologies

Company name: GA technologies Co., Ltd.
Representative: Ryo Higuchi, President, CEO and Representative Director
Headquarters: Sumitomo Fudosan Roppongi Grand Tower 40F 3-2-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-6290, Japan
Established: March 2013
Capital: 1,168,698,450 yen (As of May 31, 2020)

  • Operation of "RENOSY", a comprehensive PropTech brand
    (Real estate information media, real estate brokerage, real estate sales, design and construction, real estate management)
  • Developing BtoB PropTech SaaS Products.
  • Research on real estate big data using AI
  • Operation of "Shenjumiaosuan", a Japanese real estate platform for investors in Greater China and other international PropTech business.Group Companies: ITANDI Inc., Modern Standard Co., Ltd. and other 3 companies.


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Source: Accelerating global expansion by adding an English version of OWNR by RENOSY Assisting foreign Japanese real estate owners