Asia Bankers Club and Ashton Hawks launching Grand Marina, Saigon, Vietnam by Masterise Homes

Introducing the World’s Largest Branded Residences to Hong Kong

HONG KONG, March 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Asia Bankers Club and Ashton Hawks have joined hands to bring Vietnam’s highly anticipated project Grand Marina, Saigon to Hong Kong. Situated at a one-of-a-kind location in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, the development is Marriott International’s largest branded residence project in the world, and the company’s first foray into Vietnam’s highly vibrant branded residential market segment.

Grand Marina Saigon - the first highly anticipated project is situated at a one-of-a-kind location in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, is a large-scale, mixed-use complex with residential, office and commercial features. It is Marriott International’s largest branded residence project in the world.
Grand Marina Saigon – the first highly anticipated project is situated at a one-of-a-kind location in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, is a large-scale, mixed-use complex with residential, office and commercial features. It is Marriott International’s largest branded residence project in the world.

A shared vision of industry-leading Masterise Homes and renowned hospitality group Marriott International, Grand Marina, Saigon sits on a large-scale plot of developable land at the northern bank of the Saigon River within District 1. The development is a 10-hectare riverfront large-scale, mixed-use complex with ultra-luxe residential, office and commercial properties, featuring a landmark 850-metre Waterfront Promenade. It is set to be a highly exclusive and dynamic community and economic hub at the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, attracting Vietnam’s tastemakers as well as international high-net-worth individuals.

The portfolio of the exquisite Marriott branded residences in Grand Marina, Saigon set across eight resplendent residential towers rising from the tranquil shorefront, surrounded by beautifully landscaped parks and plazas, represents a standard of luxury never before experiences in Vietnam. Grand Marina, Saigon offers its residents everyday access to the ultimate Marriott experiences, a world offering the highest standards of elevated modern living.

Poised to be the most desirable and iconic residential address of the city with the unsurpassed waterfront position in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 1, Grand Marina, Saigon will also provide unparalleled accessibility to the city’s cultural and commercial centres, with the country’s finest schools, restaurants, shopping destinations on doorstep. The upcoming Metro link close by will put the entire city within easy reach.

Grand Marina, Saigon will take the lead in introducing the first Urban Branded Residences concept in Vietnam. The proposition has intrinsic value with the promise of extensive amenities, tailored service and lifestyle benefits, and the backing of an internationally-recognised hospitality brand. The cluster of branded residences will create a community for individuals who enjoy the company of the like-minded with a similar level of affluence and lofty expectations.

Moreover, the value of branded residences has proven to be resilient in times of market volatility. With Grand Marina, Saigon situated in the most desirable neighbourhood of Ho Chi Minh City with fetching views of Saigon River, demand of such class of properties by well-to-do elites will remain constantly high. The limited supply means these luxurious self-contained residences will continue to hold their value.

Mr. Jason Turnbull, Deputy Managing Director cum Chief Financial Officer at Masterise Homes, said, "At Masterise Homes, we take great pride in creating exquisite real estate developments to impeccable standards. Each creation is not just a development, but a legacy, to be passed on to generation after generation. The crown jewel Grand Marina, Saigon is born under the vision. This is the first Marriott branded residence in Vietnam, located at the heritage landmark – Bason, where water meets land. This will be the Nation’s icon and global landmark. We are proud to introduce the one-of-a-kind project to Hong Kong market."

Mr. Kingston Lai, Founder & CEO of Asia Bankers Club said on behalf of Asia Bankers Club and Ashton Hawks, "Hong Kong is no stranger to Vietnam’s real estate market due to its phenomenal potential. We believe branded residences will withstand shocks and challenges and sustain their value over time. Grand Marina, Saigon is a rare opportunity that ticks all the boxes, especially for the savvy and affluent who are looking to expand their portfolio with yet another trophy asset. We are delighted to partner with Masterise Homes to offer Grand Marina, Saigon to Hong Kong and beyond."

Grand Marina, Saigon will be introduced exclusively at the event co-organised by Asia Bankers Club and Ashton Hawks in JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong on 27 & 28 March. During the event, a seminar session introducing the potential of Urban Branded Residences and how will they impact Vietnam’s fast-growing luxury real estate market will be presented by Asia Bankers Club’s Kingston Lai.

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About Masterise Homes

Masterise Homes is the member of Masterise Group that manages and develops all residential real estate brands of the group. With its philosophy of "Customer Centricity", Masterise Homes relentlessly applies world-class standards in our developments. We are committed to delivering unrivalled quality in all products and services for the ultimate in customer experience, contributing to the community and promoting sustainability, in Vietnam and beyond.

About Branded Residences

The concept of a branded residence can be traced as far back as the 1920s where the Sherry-Netherland Hotel on Fifth Avenue, New York pioneered the idea of serviced apartments for purchase alongside its successful hotel business. Since this time branded residences have consistently grown in popularity around the world on the back of a growing, globally mobile, high net-worth population.

According to Savills World Research 2019, there are more than 420 branded residence schemes globally. Marriott International is the world’s biggest player in the branded residences sector. With 100 branded residences across 25 countries, Marriott International brands represent one in every four operational projects globally. The company leverages 15 of its 30 leading brands for branded residential projects, with Marriott, JW Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis and W accounting for nearly 70% of today’s operational developments. Marriott International’s extensive brand portfolio means it can offer a brand appropriate for every location and project type, in which a branded residence in New York, Shanghai or Bangkok will have the same exactly quality standard as a branded residence in Vietnam.

Branded residences offer many advantages in a crowded global marketplace for luxury property. Globally-mobile, brand conscious wealthy individuals are attracted by brand name, quality design, security and the level of service branded residences offer. Luxury brands have proved appealing to the affluent, by whom they are viewed as a mark of success. While branded residences generally attract a price premium compared to a non-branded property, the value and benefits that owners enjoy often outweighs the premium. Wealthy individuals are also attracted to the trophy status of a branded residential product as it immediately provides the kudos of being associated with the internationally recognized brand. Their appeal makes branded residences a community of like-minded individuals with common values and share a similar level of affluence. Their limited supply also means they are more exclusive — a value highly appreciated by the affluent elites. 

About Asia Bankers Club

The Asia Bankers Club is an investment club for banking and finance professionals in Asia. With a vast member base, the Asia Bankers Club organizes events for its members and provides physical assets for investments, such as properties, fine wines, art, timepieces, and collectables. Our members are from top tier investment, private and consumer banks, asset management companies, private equity firms, hedge funds, and sovereign wealth funds primarily located in key financial centres.

About Ashton Hawks

Ashton Hawks was established by a group of renowned investment gurus and private collectors who laid the very foundation of the discerning Ashton Hawks, balancing luxury leisure lifestyle and investment. Our headquarter office is located in Hong Kong, with overseas branches in Bangkok and Vietnam. Ashton Hawks’ real estate portfolio is as diverse in style as it is in mega-estate location across the globe, and caters to luxury lifestyles of all kinds. Ashton Hawks takes pride in being a boutique yet original real estate consultant in the luxury market segment for the ultra-affluent.

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